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My Experience

As a new Christian I entered the church thinking that I would find people who cared about the truth, and who were living a godly life. I knew that there were some heresies in the church, but I thought that most of the church had orthodox doctrine. But I found my rationality assaulted by the things that I heard taught at the Bible studies and preached from the pulpit. I remember being confused a lot as I tried to make sense of what they taught. For example, the pre-trib rapture theory made no sense to me. I tried hard to see what the Bible teachers said about this. They were so dogmatic about their view of this theory. As hard as I tried to see what they taught in the Bible, I couldn't. Everything that the Bible teachers said about it made no sense to me. For example, I thought that it was outrageous that God would stop the clock of time because the Jews had rejected Jesus, which is what they taught. I couldn't see anything in the Bible to support this idea. The Bible teachers had their rationalities. They pointed out Bible verses that were supposed to assert this, but as far as I could see, these verses had to be stretched and mutilated to fit this view.

This was just the beginning of my confusion. The difficult thing for me was that I gave them the benefit of the doubt, thinking that they had studied the Bible a lot longer than I had, and so I must not understand completely. I didn't let them know how outrageous their view seemed to me. They were so sure that they were right, so I remained quiet, and kept studying.

This is a small example of the struggle that I went through, wanting to believe the best of the Bible teachers, yet having my rationality assaulted by them. I won't describe everything that I went through, but after many hours of intense study and prayer, I finally came to the realization that it wasn't me who was wrong, but it was the pastors and Bible teachers who were, and they were wrong about so many things. Little did I realize when I walked into that first church, how wide and deep the rabbit hole of deceptions in the church was, which I would encounter. I was confused a lot for years. It took a lot of prayer, study, and time to unravel the lies. They were so deceptively taught, week after week, from the pulpits that I sat under, and at the various denominations that I attended. After many hours of careful study, I realized that most professing Christians have a distorted view of Christian doctrine, yet they are convinced in their own minds that they have the truth. When it finally became clear to me how deep the heresies were, and how widely affected the church was with them, it shook my world. The shock of it was as strong as when I left Mormonism, and became a born again Christian. The heresies have been so ingrained into the minds of people who sit under the deceptive teachings of the pastors and teachers today, and they have been trained to look at scripture with tainted glasses, not noticing the discrepencies in what they believe the Bible teaches, compared to what it actually does teach, although these discrepencies are blatant.

I often see and hear of people coming to faith in Christianity who say that they are saved, and I see them being indoctrinated with the same lies that I was indoctrinated with as a new Christian. I cringe inside when I hear them repeat these lies, while other professed Christians are praising God for it. I am overwhelmed with concern for them, especially the people that I know personally, when I see and hear them repeat the lies that I was taught, believing that they are true. One such example that I have heard them say is that all sins are equal. This is one of the many lies that I was taught as a new Christian too. If you check this out in the Bible you find that John taught that this is not true. He taught that (for the one who has been converted), there are sins that lead to death, and sins that don't lead to death (1 John 5: 16,17). The majority of pastors today are teaching the deception that you cannot lose your salvation once you are saved. The Bible clearly teaches that that is a lie (Hebrews 10: 26-31). Millions of professing Christians are indoctrinated to have a false sense of security, most specifically, the idea that there is no sin that they can commit that will cause them to lose their salvation. They believe doctrines of Calvinism, one of which is the preseverance of the saints, which the "P" stands for in the TULIP acronym of Calvinism. Due to the deceptions that are taught from the pulpits, professing Christins are misled to believe in a salvation that is a transaction, rather than a transformation. This is not the gospel, yet this is what is being preached from virtually all of the pulpits today.

I came out from under the deception of the lies that I was taught in the mainstream churches, but there are many people who don't. They remain deceived their whole lives. The few who escape this deception have no place where they can go to fellowship. If they try to promote a holiness gospel they are chased out of the churches. They badly need a place to meet and fellowship. The Hope and Lite Ministry is a place where Christians who really love the truth, can go and fellowship with each other.

I am greatly concerned about the lies that are taught in the mainstream Christian churches. I see Mormons leaving their church (many of them do so with great difficulty) and walking into churches where they'll be taught the same lies that I was taught. Yet, they believe that they are receiving the truth. My heart cries out for them. I can't just sit back and do nothing to warn them of the dangers that they are walking into. The fact is, no matter where they go they'll be facing this situation. I realized that they need a place to go where they can study and learn the truth. That is why I started this ministry.