To Reason or Not to Reason

That is the Question

by Elaine Jenkins


I decided to write this article because I have come across quite a few places, videos, and sermons lately where pastors are telling their congregations and audiences that using reason is not of God. This is taught so much that I am really concerned about it, and I thought that it needed to be addressed.


First of all, pastors give a wrong definition of rationalism, claiming that it is the opposite of what it really is. They equate rationalism with sense perception, saying that rationalism describes what you can experience with your senses. This is not what rationalism is. Rationalism is using the mind to reason out truth which cannot be seen or experienced with our senses. Though you cannot see it or sense it with your senses you can come to truth through your reasoning ability. For example, sense perception tells us that we do not have a soul, because we cannot experience a soul with our senses. But we can come to an understanding of the reality of our soul through our reasoning ability.


Plato taught this idea with the allegory of the cave. His whole point in this metaphor was to illustrate where truth really lies, that it is not in what we experience through sense perception, that is, with our senses, but truth lies in the underlying principles that we cannot see. The people thought that the shadows on the cave wall was reality, but they were not the actual objects, and did not represent reality. Reality was in the things that they could not see, the real objects that were behind them. This metaphor demonstrates that we cannot come to an understanding of reality through our senses, but we can come to an understanding of truth (which we cannot see) through reason. Plato was teaching through this metaphor that we must use reason to be able to come to an understanding of the truths of the universe.


It is a very common thing that pastors are teaching their congregations that they should not use their God given reasoning ability. This leads to deception. First, they spend a lot of time convincing their followers to think that they don't have the ability to reason that leads to truth, that there is something inherently wrong with their brain that trips them up if or when they try to reason. They were born depraved, their heart is inherently wicked, they are born sinners, they can't do anything right if they try to think for themselves, they are the Roman's wretch, anything good that they try to do is like filthy rags, they are spiritually poverty stricken, wretched, evil sinners, and the list goes on. Week after week, professing Christians sit under sermons with this type of message. Then, they are told that the Bible is the infallible Word of God. Since they are not to reason for themselves to come to an understanding of what the Bible teaches, the followers learn to depend on their leaders to understand what the text is saying. They must never try to reason things out for themselves, the word “reason” is a dirty word. To use your own reasoning ability is evil.


The Bible does not teach against using our reasoning ability. In fact, it teaches the opposite. In Isaiah we read that God reasoned with the people: Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord. Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow. Though they are as red as crimson, they shall be like wool. If you are willing and obedient you shall eat the best from the land (Isaiah 1: 18,19). These people were unrepentent sinners, yet they had the ability to reason, and God told them to use their reasoning ability to come to repentance.


The Bible teaches that everyone is born with a conscience, and that this conscience gives us the ability to discern right from wrong. In Romans 2: 14,15 we read that the righteous requirements of the law (of Moses) which is God's moral law, are written on our hearts at birth. Paul points out that the Gentiles who live the righteous requirements of the law are true Jews, although they don't have the written text of the law (of Moses) they have the righteous requirements written on their heart, and they obey them. That is why they are real Jews. We can see from this that we are born with the ability to discern truth, and to choose to do good, because we are born with God's moral law written on our hearts. Yet, week after week, professing Christians sit through sermons that tell them that just the opposite is true. They are told not to trust their inner judgment, because their hearts are deceitfully wicked.


The Bible teaches that God gives light to every person born on the earth (John 1: 9). Even people who don't have the truth shown to them by sound preaching of the Word, are left without excuse, because God has made Himself known to man (Romans 1: 21). He has revealed His moral law to all man by placing it on their hearts, (Romans 2: 14, 15). Man has the capability of using reason to come to an understanding of truth, to come to repentance and salvation. For this reason, God is fair when He comes against all the godlessness and wickedness of men, who suppress the truth by their wickness (Romans 1: 18).


It is important that we should not accept the popular belief that mainstream Christianity promotes today, through the preaching of pastors who teach that we should not use our own reasoning ability, that instead, we should just trust God's infallible Word. This is setting yourself up for mind control. The Infallible Word of God argument has been used deceitfully, in a way that allows people to have control over other people. The text of the Bible can be and has been presented in deceptive ways. There is the tendency to favor biases, by paying attention to information out of context, or to try to gather information that confirms already established, or presuppositional beliefs. Pastors and Bible teachers display their biases by interpreting passages according to their personal beliefs, and then they tell their congregations to accept their interpretations, passing them off as absolutely true, because they claim that they are following the infallible Word of God. The Bible has been used in this way to manipulate people's beliefs, and control their behavior, and their lives.


Once the pastors convince their followers not to follow their own conscience and inherent reasoning ability, they are free to brainwash them to believe things that are irrational, and much of what they convince their followers to believe is an assault on their rationality. With adequate mind manipulation, i.e. the induction to not use their own reasoning ability, and by administering enough peer pressure, their audience usually can be induced to believe whatever they're told to believe so they can stay in the pack, especially when they are threatened with the divisive label. Everyone wants to belong, no one wants to bear this dreaded label.


Mainstream pastors are unwittingly promoting an agenda that has been deployed on the world to keep the minds of mankind in bondage, by the way they are induced to think, and this has been going on for thousands of years. The elites in the world want to keep the masses in a state of bestiality, by thwarting their ability to think rationally. The agenda of the elites is to convince the masses to not use their reasoning ability. Their goal is to keep them in a bestial condition, because this keeps them docile, and easier to control.


The mainstream pastors are fitting into this agenda perfectly, because they are accomplishing this goal, by indoctrinating their congregations to think of themselves as bestial, rather than created in the image of God. They do this by convincing their followers to not use their reasoning ability because of their supposed inherent sinful nature. This is the natural conclusion to the belief that mankind lost God's image at the fall of Adam. Because he fell, all of mankind is born with an inherent sinful nature.


This fight between the image of man as bestial vs. the image of man as created in the image of God is at the forefront, and is the most important war that has been and is being waged in the world today. The outcome has a tremendous temporal and eternal impact on every person in the world. Most people are not even aware that this battle is being fought and they are at the center of it. The casualties of this war won't even realize that they are casualties until it is too late.


Professing Christians today do not realize that they are being deceived and indoctrinated to think of themselves in a bestial way. They don't realize that there are layers of deception that are required to keep this bestial view of man intact. The way that professing Christians are led to think of themselves is a deception, i.e. to think that they do not have the ability to discern, and act on truth, and to be obedient to God, because of an inherent depraved condition that they were born with. Those who are leading them to believe this view of themselves are leading them to their destruction.


The modern day pastors are leading the people to believe their biased interpretations of scripture, through the infallible Word of God argument, The people are being indoctrinated to believe that they shouldn't use their own reasoning ability to understand truth. They are taught a lawless gospel, which produces lawlessness, and to have a false sense of security about their eternal salvation. These ideas are not only promoting an immoral, lawless society, but they are bringing the people who believe them to their destruction.