The Pursuit of Truth



It is with great difficulty that I am writing this today. I'm not sure that I'll be able to convey what I want so badly for you the reader to understand. I've pondered how I could get the ideas across to you. I have tried many times to tell people these things, and each time I have failed to communicate what I wanted them to understand.


I have spent a great deal of time studying history, because I love it so much, and the more that I have studied, the more I realized that there was, and still is a great deficit in the minds of most Americans concerning the things that I learned, yet it is so important for Americans, and people around the world to understand them. My view of the world was changed dramatically. It was a painful experience, because I had to give up some of of the cherished ideas and beliefs that I had grown so comfortable with. I too had been conditioned to see the world the way that most Americans do. The more I learned the more afraid I became for my country, because I realized that America was in deep trouble, yet most Americans were total oblivious to the danger that they were in. I tried to tell them, but they didn't understand. They were so comfortable in their world of non-reality, not realizing how much they were out of touch with what was going on in the world, and in their own nation.


I realized that if they didn't wake up soon that they would be shaken, because the reality that they were unaware of would come crashing down upon them, and they wouldn't be able to ignore it any more. I'm not saying this to scare people, I'm only warning of the danger, but I also want to explain the possibility of the tremendous happiness and joy that they can experience if they make the right choices.


When I say that most Americans are living in a world of non reality, I mean that most of what they know, or think they know about American history is either not true, or is a distorted view. They think that they have freedom, but what they believe, and the choices they make are not their own. What they don't understand is that they have been the victim of indoctrination. They think, and make choices according to the way that they have been programmed to think and behave. They don't understand that they are being held in bondage by the way they have been conditioned to think.

It's hard to know where to begin. I know that I won't be able cover everything now, for that would make this too long, so I'll start with the concept of natural law. America was founded on natural law, that it's government was founded on the principles of nature, and that America is not a democracy, i.e the rule of the majority, it is a republic, which is ruled by universal principles (of truth).


It is a serious problem that Americans are not educated to understand natural law, that they have been mis-educated about their true history. At the time of the Revolutionary War, a large percentage of the population had an understanding of natural law, but the farther we get away from the founding of our nation, the less understanding the population has regarding it. A citizenry that is not educated with an understanding of natural law, to understand what is intelligible in terms of the natural universe that God created, you are left with opinion. America has a highly uneducated population in terms of these fundamentals. The universities teach the idea that the only thing that you can know is what you can see.


The demagogues never go against prejudiced. Politics is always based upon the creation of prejudice. This is how they get policies through which are detrimental to the people. Since the people are uneducated about natural law, they are persuaded by populous rhetoric. They have been swayed by populism – ideas that don't work, which seem to be working in the present, but cause damage in the long run. The present citizenry has been trained to only focus on the here and now, and they have prejudices about the truth.


People have been indoctrinated to believe that they can't come to an understanding of what is true, and that truth is unknowable, so they base their reality on opinion, rather than truth. Everyone has their own truth, you hear people say all the time. Sadly, most Americans don't believe in the underlying principles embedded in their founding documents, i.e. “We hold these truths to be self evident....” The idea that truth is self-evident has become an archaic thought in most Americans' minds.


You probably think, as most Americans do, that here in America, everyone has the right to their own opinion, and so everyone does have their own opinion. You think that you arrived at your opinions on your own. That's where you're wrong. The way you think has been molded, shaped, manipulated, and re-enforced by the education system, religion, and the media. Your ideas and beliefs have been manipulated and controlled by popular opinion, and ultimately, by the people who manipulate popular opinion.


You think that you are free, not realizing that you are being held in prison by your own mind, by the things that you believe, and by the way you see the world. You don't realize that your belief in democracy, among many other beliefs that you have embraced have allowed people to manipulate you, that your thinking is controlled by people who manipulate public opinion, who control the thinking of the majority of the people in America, and using popular opinion and political correctness to coerced you into compliance with their schemes and plans for your life, plans that are not for your good, but are self-serving, to benefit their own ends. Unknowingly, you have become your own worst enemy because of the way that you have been indoctrinated to think.


The demagogues hold you in the palm of their hand, exploiting your ignorance of natural law. The controllers of America know how devastating it would be if Americans were to become educated, and acquire an understanding of natural law. This is because they wouldn't be able to manipulate and control you and all of the other Americans the way that they do now. Most Americans unknowingly allow themselves to be controlled. This is what happens when you reduce a population to a belief in mere opinon because they believe that they cannot know truth, that it is unknowable. Mere opinion rules, and mere opinion can be manipulated and controlled. But universal principles of truth cannot. America was founded on universal principles of truth. It wasn't founded on democracy, the rule of the majority, or popular opinion. Another thing happens to a society that is reduced to operating on mere opinion, you reduce the people to hedonism.


The search for truth has become irrelevant in America. That is why we see so much decay of the American culture, and why there is so much violence and lawlessness throughout America. When society has lost touch with truth, and all they have left is their feelings, and you reduce people to a small and narrow focus, because people base their sense of dignity or self worth, their sense of identity on other people's opinion, which is usually based on emotionalism.

The main difference between man and animals is man's ability to understand truth. When you indoctrinate man to believe that he cannot understand truth you bestialize him, reduce him to a mere animal. Populism reduces man to the state of an animal.


The liberated mind is one which has been freed from the need to bend to popular opinion, doesn't base his self worth on what other people think. He doesn't quickly accept what is taught by the institutions. His quest is to search for truth, this is what guides his life. His purpose is to come closer to the knowledge of the true nature of the universe. This is what makes him human, what separates him from the animals.


To convince mankind that the universe is unknowable, that he doesn't have the ability to come to an understanding of the universal principles of truth, is to hold him in captivity, by the restraints that he has learned to create in his own mind, much like the elephant which keeps itself in bondage by not wandering away after being programmed to believe that it cannot escape. This is after being chained to a post when young. The elephant has learned to accept its condition of slavery and doesn't try to escape. Likewise, man is trained to keep himself in bondage by his own beliefs. He doesn't even miss the happiness that he has been robbed of by his handlers, who have trained him to think the way they want him to, to behave the way they want him to. They manipulate and control public opinion, and use it to induce him to willingly accept policies that will harm him. All of this is accomplished by convincing the masses to believe that they cannot understand truth. Thus, man surrenders himself to the control of the popular opinion of the masses, which has been molded by their controllers. Americans have been cleverly deceived to think that America is supposed to be a democracy. Their golden calf is their belief in democracy. They have made it into a shrine.


To be free from bondage, man must be freed to pursue universal principles of truth. This is what gives man dignity. It is what makes him human, and not just a beast of the field. The pursuit of truth is what gives man joy, it is what enables him to live a of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This is the meaning behind the words our Founding Fathers penned in the not too distant past. Sadly, most Americans have lost touch with the meaning behind the worlds of their Declaration of Independence. They have lost touch with the principles that their nation was founded upon.