“The Perfect Excuse” – Nobody's as Perfect as God


It is believed among professing Christians today that one who willfully keeps on sinning is excused of their wrong doing, based on the excuse that we have to be as perfect as God to be saved, so we have to wear Jesus' magic cover, rather than stopping our sin. In fact, they teach that it is a sin to put forth any effort to stop sinning, that this is prohibited under grace. They ignore John's teaching that says that Loving God means keeping his commandments, and his commandments are not burdensome (1 John 5: 3). Professing Christians teach that since Jesus did it all, all they have to do is wait for God to clean them up.


The grace of God that professed Christians think they have received is without purpose because it has not empowered them to crucify their fleshly passions and to live a godly life. They have not been transformed by the power of grace that gives birth to a new creation. Because of their belief in the doctrines of men, the magic cover, imputed righteousness, a do nothing gospel, they live in bondage to their sin, with the false hope that they are going to go to heaven anyway, no matter how ungodly they live their lives. They not only live in sin, but they look at people as self righteous, who teach that the Christian must walk a holy walk, that they're going to hell for sure, because they're trying to do something that is impossible. No one can stop sinning because of their inherent sinful nature, the pundits proclaim, and anyone who tries is dishonoring God, because they're trying to do it in their own strength.


The professed spread the lie that God puts people in hell who try to mix works with grace, that people who try to obey God are trying to rob Him of some of His glory. But the people who sin all the time are on their way to heaven, because they have Jesus' imputed magic cloak of righteousness. They argue in favor of sin all day long, defending it like a cat defending its young, as they lure people into the club of excused, wretched sinners, where people brag about their sin, pretending to be humble. They look at the cross as a symbol for a magic blanket that covers their sin so that they can go on sinning with impunity. This teaching has been going on for a long time world wide, so that the accumulated acceptance of this gospel has grown to enormous proportions. Now, swarms of people are going out to spread this gospel of lawlessness throughout the whole world


The professing Christians mock the Mormons for their proxy baptisms for the dead, which Mormons do to lift the recipients of the baptisms to a higher plane of righteousness, while they (professed Christians) defend their own proxy substitute for righteousness. They rebuke the Mormons for doing basically the same thing that they do. This is like when Paul confronted the Jews because they were convinced that they were a guide to the blind (Gentiles), and Paul rebuked them for doing the same thing that the Gentiles did (Romans 2: 19-24).


Also, although the professing Christians commit the same sins that they see the wicked doing, they can get away with it because Jesus obeyed for them, and since they put their trust in this package, they are wearing the magic cloak of Jesus' righteousness, God can't see them sinning. They're wholly committed to this gospel of endless sinning, and they're not willing to give it up for anything. They live throughout their whole lives, believing that their salvation is secure. They will be speechless when they face the judgment to find out that they were wrong. Everyone will reap what they sew. Jesus will say to all those who were workers of lawlessness in this life, that He never knew them. But, He will give them exactly what they chose, and wanted most in life. If they want a filthy rags, wretched sinner, pretended proxy righteousness, magic cover for their sins inheritance instead of a genuine righteousness inheritance, that's what they'll get, they'll get what they chose. The Bible clearly teaches that the workers of iniquity, of lawlessness, will be cast into outer darkness.


We see throngs and multitudes of the modern day professing Christians dogmatically hanging onto the myths coming from the pulpits every week, wholly embracing the widely accepted gospel of lawlessness, parroting it as they walk after their lusts, drawing in as many as they can to take part in this spectacle of pretended righteousness, like a light-bulb draws moths to its fiery scorching heat, which are drawn in not knowing that they are being led to their doom. The perpetrators are raking in millions from this deception, as the dumbed down professing Christians are led like lambs to the slaughter.


The mainstream Christian church is a breeding ground for new reprobates to work their way to leadership positions in this system of lawlessness. Young people are being raised up in their ranks, who are working feverishly to emulate the most respected pundits of the day, while all the while, the people who buy into this system feel totally secure in their pretended eternal security, established by the magical exchange of Jesus' magic cloak of righteousness. God now doesn't see their sin, or if He does see it, He just winks at their sin. He doesn't care that they give Him a vote of no confidence every day, and that they sin every day in thought, word and deed, and flaunt it to the world. He doesn't care that our young children are being raised up to with the teaching that He doesn't care about their sin as long as they're wearing Jesus' magic cloak of righteousness. They're better off than the miserable sinners who are deceived enough to think that they can live their lives walking in holiness. These deceived miserable sinners are on their way to hell for sure.


You hear all the time that God is so loving that though He hates sin He loves the sinner. He's a lovey, cushy god. Jesus didn't really mean it when he told people to stop sinning, to take up their cross and follow Him. He knows that we are just wretched sinners and that we can't help our sin. We were born that way, it's not really our fault when we sin. We sin because we are natural born sinners. Professing Christians know that God pities them because of their wretched condition, and that's why He sent Jesus to provide them with a magic cloak of righteousness. Now they flaunt their filthy rags to the world because this humbles them. They know that God loves them and favors them, in spite of their wretchedness. His love is guaranteed no matter how ungodly they live their lives. They have the “perfect excuse.”



He calls them Christians, but they are professed Christians.

When they meet Jesus on judgment day He will tell them that He never knew them.