How the Mainstream Christian Church is Promoting Spiritual Deception

by Elaine Jenkins

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What I am going to write will be a surprise and may even be a shock to most professing Christians. I learned when I studied Mormonism that a lot of the Mormon history is not known by the average Mormon, and I have found this to be true of the mainline Christian church as well. For example, after much study I came to the realization that much of what I thought about church history was a romanticized version, the same romanticized version that most mainstream Christians believe today.

The popular romanticized view is even taught in the seminaries, and from there the pastors learn it too, and believe it. I once thought of the reformation as a battle between the Catholic church and the Protestants, and that the Catholic church was on the bad side and the Protestants were on the good side. Boy was I wrong. The truth is that there was wrong on both sides. The same holds true for many other things I thought about church history. After a careful study of mainstream church history I began to question some of my beliefs. I realized also from my study, how much church history ties into world history. What I learned, people might not want to believe, but I have researched them out and know that they are true.


Most mainstream Christians think of themselves as having the truth, not realizing that many of the things they believe about this world, and the Bible are not true. They go through life not doing any or much research to see if what they believe is actually true, and they embrace the teachings of the people who have influenced their beliefs, such as their family members and their spiritual leaders.

Professing Christians realize that it is true that people who grow up in religions outside of the mainstream Christian church just believe what they are told without researching it out adequately for themselves. Professing Christians advise them to test what they believe with scripture, but they don't apply their advice to themselves. They need to test the spirits of what they have been taught, to stop to think that some of the things that their family and spiritual leaders have taught them might not be true. They are like I was, believing that herecies are found predominantly outside of the manistream church, but I learned that I was wrong.


The terms "scripture alone" and "the inerrent Word of God" are widely used in the Christian community today. People don't stop to think that these terms hold little validity because there is the need for humans to interpret scripture. We all have the same text, but people interpret the text differently, rendering the claim that "it says it in the Bible" a problematic claim. Whose interpretation of the Bible is correct? That is the real question, and it is why it is so important to do a deep study of the Bible, and not just accept the interpretation that is most popular by the people around you.

It isn't just a matter of scripture alone, we must also use reason to interpret the text correctly. Without using reason, people can be persuaded to believe almost any interpretation that is popular. The idea of using our God given reason to help us understand His Word does not negate or overturn the authority of scripture.


God expects us to use our reasoning ability. We read in Isaiah that God told the unrepentant sinners to reason with him. He said, "Come now, let us reason together, though your sins are like scarlet they shall be as white as snow" (Isaiah 1: 18). These are sinners that He is talking to, people who are living in rebellion against Him. If they were defective because of inherited depravity they would not have had the ability to reason to come to an understanding of God's will for their lives. Yet, we see that they had the ability, otherwise God would have told them to accept their future Messiah's work on the cross.


If the gospel message were to just believe that He would obey for them, God would have told them to believe in the transfer of His righteousness onto them. But He told them to reason with Him, to repent and be obedient to Him.


There are a lot of disagreements about Bible interpretation among professing Christians. Heresies result because people have been induced to believe that they shouldn't use their own reasoning ability, and they embrace the teachings of the people who are the most respected and can be the most persuasive. This has been the cause of the spread of heresy in the church today.


People are not doing their homework, not studying deeply for themselves, Mainstream Christians don't stop to think that some of the things that they believe have been handed down through time to this present generation by people who were wrong. That is why the tenets of Calvinism, for example, are accepted and believed by millions of professing Christians today. The people who believe in it don't know where this doctrine came from, because they don't know their church history.


I was once carried away with and deceived by the tenets of the TULIP, beliving what I was taught, and not digging deep in scripture to test them out. It wasn't until I began a close study of the Bible and church history that I began to realize that I had been deceived by these lies. People don't know how greatly church history, and world history has been either not taught, or ms-taught.


If professed Christians had a correct understanding of their church history, how destructive Augustine's influence over the church has been, and if they would read the writings of the early church fathers before Augustine, they would not fall for the lies found in the church today, such as Calvinism. They would find that the early church fathers before Augustine defended the true Christian conception of man, i.e. that man was created in the image of God, which was retained after the fall of Adam.If they would study and learn about these things they would not fall for the heresies that are so widely accepted and promoted by the huge number of modern Bible teachers and pastors, who are miss-interpretating the Bible, mangling it to fit into their view.


The modern spiritual leaders of the mainstream Christian church are spreading massive deception throughout the world, not realizing that they are teaching the same pagan gnostic ideas of the ancient world, not knowing what is really behind the views that are kept alive today. They are the very same views that the elite oligarchs have promoted throughout the history of the world


Since ancient times, the royal elites have tried to control the world. In Europe, before the Renaissance, they had power and control of society, and they manipulated people to think the way they wanted, to willingly submit to a system of harsh rule over them. The elite oligarchs designed society to be a feudal system, which was a system of slavery, where the common people were expected to serve their masters. Hence, the royal oligarchs successfully brainwashed the people to be their obedient slaves.


Ninety five percent of the population of the world lived under this system, in a bestial state of existence. They lived in extreme poverty, uneducated, working with their hands doing hard manual labor. They worked from sun up to sun down, and had no time to become educated, or to even think about life. They had no time for self development or enjoyment, and lived a substandard life, a menial state of existence. They couldn't read and write, couldn't study the Bible on their own. They had no way of checking to see if what their masters, the royal elite, told them was true, really was true. They had no opportunity for anything better than this, and had nothing more than this to look forward to in their future, while the elite oligarchs lived in luxury.


The royal class kept the masses in this bondage, not allowing them to become educated, knowing that if they did, the serfs would become intolerant of this kind of existence. They would want more, and would rebel. So, they were kept extremely poor and uneducated.


To make sure that the common people in the world would never be able to aspire to a higher level of existence, the elite oligarchs had their philosophers spread myths throughout the world that were designed to keep the people in bondage, by the way that they thought, and these commissioned deceivers convinced society to believe their myths. Aristotle was one of these philosopher agents, who was given the mission to spread deception throughout the world. He became very famous, and was elevated to a high level of authority in the eyes of the people. The masses were convinced to think that he was a very wise man, and that they should listen to him.


Through political manipulation, Aristotle's fame continued throughout history, and many people still respect him today. The evil destructive ideas of this man have lived on long after his death, which have caused immense destruction to society. Even today, people learn about Aristotle in philosophy classes, and are taught to respect him and his ideas.


Aristotle was one of the most evil men in history. He promoted a bestial view of man. He convinced the people to believe in the axiom that man is wholly deficient, and incapable of understanding the principles of truth and nature, he cannot understand the laws of God, and the universe. Man can only understand what he sees in the world, but not the lawful causality of the universe, because his intellect is finite. On this basis, the only thing that man can know is sense perception, not what causes things to happen, but only correlation. The only ones who can understand the laws of the universe, according to Aristotle are the elect, those who have been given supernatural powers, who can speak directly to the spirits of the universe.


According to Aristotle, since there was no intelligible way for the common people to approach and understand the problem of knowledge, it was necessary to have a priesthood of people endowed with special powers to inform the world of these things. Aristotle also taught that God doesn't cause anything to happen in the physical universe because the physical universe is evil. This is gnosticism.


Aristotle's ideas were the basis for the belief that there is the need for an elect. It is the basis which the oligarchs used to justify slavery, racism, and the right of the elite (themselves) to rule. Even today, the elites believe that they have special ability to understand the principles of the world, and therefor, they have the right to rule the masses. They have decided that the world is overpopulated, and they want the world back to what it was before the nation state came into existence. They want the masses of the world to live in a feudal system. This is the one world government that they have planned for the world. They have been pushing for this for thousands of years. The modern royal families can trace their genealogies back, and are the same oligarchical families that ruled over the feudal system in ancient times.


The corrupt practices of the oligarchs looted civilization, robbing everything of value from the economy, under the same kind of banking practices like we see happening today in modern society, this is what caused the dark ages in the 1300's, which brought much destruction, death and suffering into the world. The mode of operandi of the royal elites was to get as much of society in debt as they could, through dishonest manipulation. The oligarchs were like parasites, sucking everything they could from society, until it finally collapsed.


Americans don't realize that they have accepted a bestial conception of man, and it is the elite oligarchs who have orchestrated this spiritual manipulation and deception, not only onto Americans, but they have been successful in manipulating the whole world into believing this lie.


The devastating thing is that the mainstream Christian church, all denominations, is pushing this deception onto the world. The oligarchs are still in the world today. They have indoctrinated people to believe this lie, and influenced the mainstream Christian church to spread it around the world, the very same destructive ideas that Aristotle spread throughout the world. They control the world through the maniplation of their mind.


It is the elite oligarchs who orchestrated the indoctrination of the destructive idea that man is inherently depraved, thereby incapable of understanding, choosing truth, and acting on it. The oligarchs gained control over the church to be used for their purpose, to spread this lie, through their agent, Augustine. He had been a Manichean gnostic for nine years prior to his so called conversion, and he mixed gnosticism with Christianity.


None of the church fathers before Augustine taught the depravity of man theory (also known as original sin). The early church fathers before Augustine taught that God gave man the inherent ability to reason, understand, choose, and act on truth, that man was made in the image of God, and man still retained this image after the fall of Adam.


The effect that the fall had was that it brought (physical) death to mankind. Adam also brought sin into the world, and through sin, spiritual death spread, because all people sin. But the propensity to sin, i.e. the moral depravity of man was not passed down through Adam. We are not born sinners.


The early church fathers didn't teach the depravity of man doctrine. This heresy wasn't taught until Augustine, and Since Augustine, the church has been indoctrinated to believe in a gnostic, bestial view of man, and the church is spreading this destructive view world wide.


The truth is that God placed His law on the hearts of all mankind, called a conscience. Every person is born with the knowledge of good and evil, and the ability to choose and act to do good. Every baby is born innocent, and not capable of sinning until they reach the time in their life when they have enough understanding to realize that they are disobeying. No where in the Bible does it teach that babies are born sinners. Jesus admonished us to become like children. He taught that it is such as these that enter the Kingdom of heaven.


During the colonial era, the British oligarchs used Solomon Stoddard to manipulate the colonists, through his sermons. Stoddard's father was one of the wealthiest merchants in the colonies. Stoddard's sermons attacked the educated clergy. He argued that anyone can be chosen to lead. He also dismissed the concept of a rational God who acts through visible saints. Stoddard targeted the leaders of the Massachusetts Bay colony, who taught that seeking knowledge of what is best for the colonies as a whole, and doing good works to promote the common good of the people should be the priority for Christians.


Cotton Mather, one of the leaders of the Massachusetts Bay colony wrote a book called, “Essays to do Good,” which was used like a hand book for the people to follow (Of course, this book didn't replace their Bible). Stoddard opposed Mather's mandate to seek out good works, to act for the good of the people. Stoddard also asserted that the only reason why God chooses one person over another is because he pleases to do so, and this is an arbitrary choice. Since His choice cannot be known by mortal man, Stoddard claimed that sheer zeal and piety, rather than reason and education was the only requirement for church leadership.


This was an attack on the conception that God created a knowable universe. It also attacked an idea that the Massachusetts Bay leaders, Winthrop and Mather taught, that it was man's mission to discover God's truths, His laws, through reason. Stoddard's sermons majorly attacked what Winthrop and Mather had asserted was the primary role of clergy, to evoke the powers of reason in the minds of the people in their congregations.


The attack against man's ability to use reason to discern truth was expanded, by the mandate to rely only on the Bible as the infallible word of God, that man must not use his own reason to discern truth. Man must submissively follow what Stoddard taught, because it was the infallible Word of God.


Stoddard used fear to manipulate the people, to convince them that they were living in an incomprehensible universe, so they must become submissive to an incomprehensible and cruel god, and through this fear, they were encouraged to narrow their focus to a self-centered pre-occupation on their personal salvation, through faith alone, rather than a concern for the outward needs of the community.


Stoddard intended to put dictatorial powers in the hands of the ministers and elders that had been assigned in the colony by the British oligarch, which power would be governed by the synods from England. Stoddard's manipulation was effective in diverting colonists' attention away from their previously inspired mission of doing good in the community. His preaching appealed to the carnal new generation, who were frightened. They embraced the climate of self focus induced by Stoddard's sermons, at the expense of the well being of the colony as a whole. The Massachusetts Bay leaders denounced this as “Presbyterianism that runs down stream.” The little, fearful people were easily manipulated by Stoddard.


Cotton Mather fought back aggressively against the colonists' withdrawal from their mission to do good. He asserted that the previous inclination to do good that had once been the mainstay of the people had been replaced by a “shameful Shrink...from that Greatness and Goodness...” Mather wrote and published the handbook “Essays to do Good” in 1710. In it, Mather wrote, “A man must look upon himself as dignified and gratified by God when an opportunity to do good is put into his hands. He must embrace it with rapture, as enabling him to answer the great End of being. This includes participation in, and support for good government. Government is called, “the ordinance of God.” Thus, it should vigorously pursue those noble and blessed ends for which it was ordained: the good of mankind.”


This sabotage against man's inherent ability to reason, and discouragement against doing good works, was later attacked with a much greater sabotage by Jonathan Edwards, the grandson of Stoddard. The Great Awakening, which he was a part of, was a much broader operation, promoted by the oligarchical loyalists, than what previously had been levied by Stoddard.


The Great Awakening was another attack on the role of reason, arguing that one should trust the heart, not the head, and that only biblical revelation, the infallibility of the Word of God, not human reason should guide Christians. This attack against using reason to discern truth gave the British oligarchs great power and control over the minds of the colonists who listened to preachers like Jonathan Edwards, who were able to convince people to believe their interpretation of the Bible, through their skill in using rhetoric to persuade.


Jonathon Edwards admired John Lock, who viewed man as merely an animal. He read Lock's writings with delight and pleasure, and enlarged on the teachings of Lock, who was the mortal enemy of Gottfreid Leibniz. It was Leibniz who inspired the Founding Fathers to write of the unalienable right of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness in the 1776 Declaration of Independence.


Edwards promoted Lock's view of the savage like nature of man, in his sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” This was a tactic to scare the people to adopt an attitude of their powerlessness to obtain redemption, except through complete and utter submission to an unknowable, angry and ferocious God, who created a universe that was arbitrary and without reason, and who was pleased to cast depraved human wretches into a lake of fire, sealing their eternal misery and damnation because it brought him glory. Edwards was very skillful and persuasive in presenting his argument to the people, who had been convinced to lay their own reasoning ability aside.


When the Great Awakening finally ebbed and nearly disappeared, there was a Great Revival, led by John Wesley. This was an attack on the south, that also attacked the reasoning ability of man. This “Great Revival,” began in Kentucky, and shared several characteristics of Edward's movement. First, it centered it's message on Jesus' death, largely ignoring His teachings. This encouraged passivity in the face of injustices, promoting the zeal to turn away from the evil of the outside world, and to instead, focus selfishly on personal salvation through faith alone, rather than organize for the good of society. It also provided for some emotional compensation for the present sufferings and grievances of the saints, through the imagined “reward” of the submissive and humble passive saints.


This was part of the genesis for the teaching of Calvinism in the colonies. It was exported to America and taught by the agents of the oligarchs of the British Empire, designed to undermine the American leaders, and what they taught, thereby keeping the colonists under the control of the king. It was designed to destroy the very foundation that the American Republic rests upon, the ideas of Gottfried Leibniz, who defended the view of man that he was created in the image of God.


Calvinism undermines the proclamation of the Founding Fathers that God placed the ability to discern truth in every person because He gave light to every person that is born on the earth. God created a world where His truth, His moral law is self-evident to all of mankind. Hence, the words, “We hold these truths self evident.” Calvinism further undermined the American leaders' teaching that God did not create an incomprehensible universe, nor did He set up the world to be based on arbitrary rule. The Wesleyan Movement also generated a climate of anti-intellectualism, a hostility to what they called the educated elites.


Two grandsons of Johnathan Edwards were major traitors of the formation and establishment of the republican government of the young American nation. They worked to undermine the American system. One was Aaron Burr, whose allegiance was to England, and who acted on its behalf when he murdered Alexander Hamilton. This was done to sabotage the establishment of the American economic system set up by Alexander Hamilton.


The other American traitor grandson of Jonathan Edwards was Timothy Dwight, a leader of the Hartford Convention which backed Britain in the war of 1812, and called for the secession of New England. The climate that these movements spawned retarded the development and progress of the colonies, and set back the republic movement.


The detrimental affects of the two movements described above, i.e. the Great Awakening, and the Great Revival, have continued to this present day, with the emphasis in the church on the self centered inward focus, through the “faith alone” doctrine, which omits good works, and promotes an attitude of little concern for the community at large, also a disregard for our responsibility and commitment to obey God.


In addition, it also promoted a hostile attitude toward the educated, and hostility for the search for understanding of the natural laws of the universe. The church has put a distinct prejudice in the minds of men by its intense emphasis on the depravity of man, and its destructive "faith alone" doctrine, which is the logical conclusion that the depravity of man heresy leads to, making humans into nothing more than the beast of the field, a mere worm, a tragic lie that attacts the Cristian view that man was made in God's image.


The church has embraced the belief that the fall turned the human family into nothing more than depraved animals. The belief that man lost the characteristic of being made in the image of God at the fall. puts man in the same category as the animals of the field.