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Our Mission

The Hope and Lite Ministry is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian Ministry. We believe that the light and truth of Christianity liberates people from oppression and manipulation. We are committed to sharing the truths of Christianity to liberate the minds and hearts of people, so that they will have a firm foundation on which to build a life in liberty and in truth. Our mission is to help people to know and understand the Gospel which was established by Jesus Christ and His first apostles. We believe that a correct understanding of the principles of truth liberates hearts and minds from oppression.

We earnestly promote the Christian view of man, which is that man was created in the “image of God,” and that this image was not lost at the fall of Adam. We assert that every person has been endowed by our Creator with creativity, and the inherent ability to know, understand, and act on principles of truth, and that His truths are knowable. We assert that man's inherent God-like characteristics are neccesary for the fulfillment of God's will on earth, and that it is mandatory to have a true and correct understanding of this, to be in line with God's will for man.

We further assert that this likeness of God is necessary for the fulfillment of man's God given mission to multiply, replentish and subdue the earth, that included in this mission is to put into action man's inherent God given abilities for the development and betterment of the earth. This is the meaning of "multiply, replentish, and subdue the earth." In order to fulfill this God given mission, man must be given the opportunity to fully develop his abilities and capabilities.

God has bestowed on all mankind the unalienable right to develop to their fullest potential, that is, to fully reflect God's creative, and purposeful capacities. It is only by reflecting the image of God that man is wholly capable of fulfilling his mission. God's goodness is reflected in His creation, and is most fully demonstrated by His image bearers when they participate with Him in His creativity, through their understanding and application of His laws and principles.

We further stress that without the "likeness of God" attribute, man would not be capable of fulfilling his God given mission. It is for this reason that we assert that any view that is opposed to the view of man as God's image bearer, which was not lost at the fall of Adam, is a different gospel.

The fact that man was created and born in the image of God renders each human life sacred, and this is the basis for God's command to not kill (Genesis 9:6). Man was created to be more like God than any of His creations. The fact that God created man in His image is what puts him above the animals.

The claim that man is no longer in the image of God places him in the same category as the animals. This erroneous, anti-Christian assertion attempts to bestialize humanity, making mankind no different than the beasts of the field. The very thought of this is anathema. It is a most horrid abomination to attempt to place mankind in this light. It not only dis-honors God by degrading His image bearer, but perverts the gospel of Christ, thereby corrupting society by giving man a license to sin.

We are committed to contending for the faith that was once delivered to the saints, for there are godless men who have slipped in among the saints, who turn the grace of our God into a liscence for immorality (Jude 3,4).

Our primary focus is to bring down the strongholds of the lies that are so prevalent in the churches today, with respect to our mission; and to assert and equip man to fulfill his God given mission, as His image bearer.