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align="left">As a new Christian I entered the church thinking that I would find people who care about the truth, and living a godly life. I knew that there were some heresies in the church, but I thought that most of the church had orthodox doctrine. I found my rationality assaulted by the things that I heard taught at the Bible studies and preached from the pulpit. I remember being confused a lot as I tried to make sense of what they taught. For example, the pre-trib rapture theory made no sense to me. I tried hard to see what the Bible teachers and pastors were telling me about this. They were dogmatic about their assertion that the Bible taught this theory. As hard as I tried to see this view in the Bible I couldn't. read more


Come join us for Bible study, worship, and fellowship

We are a place where truth seekers can study and learn the Bible together, to show yourself approved. If you don't study on your own you will be blown and deceived by every wind of doctrine, and by the false preachers and Bible teachers that dominate every mainstream Christian denomination. Don't be misled by the lies that so many get entangled with. If you don't guard yourself from the vicious wolves that Jesus warned us about you will become ensnared by them, through their sweet sounding lies, and their smooth talk. You'll become indoctrinated with their deception, stumble and fall, become hardened in your sins, and lost forever.

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