Creativity – Necessary for a Free Society



We have gone a long way from the culture of the time of the founding of this nation, the way that America embraced classical education at that time, to the culture that we have today, a culture that breeds despair, war, and chaos. We have not only experienced a physical collapse of our economy, and our nation, but a moral collapse as well. The collapse of the moral of the population has brought the collapse of all these other things, the collapse of jobs, the value of our currency, the collapse of infrastructure, the food supply, the level of violence, the school shootings, the ongoing never ending wars, the infatuation with video games and sports, no appreciation for anything but making money, the definition of success is measured by how much money a person accumulates, and all the things that have brought us to the point of the desperation that we have today.

All of this is the result of the culture that we live in, the pulling away from the ideals that the population had at the founding of our nation, the pulling away from the classical tradition in the American culture, and the compassion for others that was inherent in it. The loss of our American traditions has created the condition for a new dark age. This is what we are facing today.


There has been a shift in our culture away from classical art, that is, the understanding that the general population has towards the arts has greatly diminished. This has impacted society in a negative way. It has adversely impacted science, and the physical economy of our nation, as well as the negative impact that it has had on society socially. We have turned into a beastly society, living to have our pleasures gratified and to avoid pain. The modern man lives for today, with little thought for tomorrow. The element of compassion has all but vanished from our society. Each person living for him/her self, to gratify one's own pleasures. There is little tolerance for deferred gratification, or working for the betterment of society, to make a better world for our children to live in. We want what we want now. The vision of tomorrow is absent in the minds of most people today. The change in the culture has shifted away from beauty and compassion, which is what classical education fosters.


Our culture trains the youth to not have compassion. Video games is one example where the lack of compassion is fostered. Kids become accustomed to seeing so much violence in the video games that they become immune to seeing the harm they inflict on others. They learn to detatch themselves from violence, to be removed from the sense of another person's pain. Even what is taught in many churches has been negatively impacted by the modern culture that we live in today. Pastors are contributing to the destruction of our culture by telling their congregations that they can't obey God, because they were born with a defect. The fallen man doesn't have the ability to know and understand truth, congregations are told.


The Bible teaches that God's people perish because of lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6), and that a good man leaves an inheritance for his children's children (Proverbs 13:22). The American founding fathers lived their lives to serve their God and their posterity. They envisioned the republic that they founded to be a blessing, and they specifically mentioned their intention to bless their posterity, in the preamble of the American constitution. It is because of their forethought, their vision that they had of us that we have been so blessed in America, which Americans have had little appreciation for, and which they are now losing because they have turned away from the values of their forefathers. The knowledge of the American tradition is fading in the minds of the citizenry, the values which were fostered by the American classical tradition.


The culture we have today has produced backwards thinking on the part of scientist, and scientific research. Contrary to what most people believe today (who believe that there has been an expansion of knowledge in these times) the opposite is true. There has been a collapse of scientific discovery, and technology in these latter times. The scientists that gave us our greatest inventions have died, and scientific progress has virtually ceased. It is true that there has been a refinement of existing technologies, but there have been no new discoveries since the time of the scientists who embraced the classical culture of an earlier time in American history.


Myths have been invented and abound today about the nature of science, such as the idea that everything that can be discovered has been discovered. There is much about natural science that we don't know, that is yet to be investigated and new discoveries that could be brought to fruition, but with the backward thinking of the people today, new discoveries, which although they are possible, have virtually ceased. The field of scientific discovery is virtually dead today.


The reason, creativity development has ceased to be a part of our culture. The creative minds of our children are not being nourished and developed in our schools. People don't value the arts in our schools any more. The programs that develop creativity are being dismantled. The future of our nation is being destroyed. What is left in our schools that fosters and inspires the good, that enables the vision of the future that we could have, the vision of the noble, that promotes beauty and compassion is being dismantled in the name of budget cuts. Through these cuts we will see more of the destruction of science and progress.


We will see an even more lack of understanding in the minds of the people of the role of creativity in scientific progress. The very thinking of the people will be held back even further through these budget cuts. The last traces of a classical culture is being done away with, and the modern culture that breads death and destruction will have its full sway in the hearts and minds of the American people.

We will see the effects of the destruction of classical culture played out in the future of America by the inability of the people to understand how to produce real wealth in our country. Real wealth lies in the creative mind. It is the ability of the people to develop higher and higher standards of living through technology, through understanding, through the discovery of scientific principles, and through harnessing and using the principles of science for the good of mankind.


With the steady collapse of morality in our culture there has been a steady collapse in the GDP that comes from manufacturing, and there has been a steady rise in the percentage of the GDP that comes from finance. It is the industrial base, the ability to manufacture goods that produces a healthy economy. It is the physical productive function of a nation that produces stability and prosperity. The American citizens have been ignorant of these principles, and this ignorance has led to the destruction that has been happening to their nation for the last 40 years. There has been no outcry of the people for what has been happening to their nation, in fact, there has been more and more participation of the American people to gamble on wall street in an attempt to produce a profit without producing anything of value to society. We are now reaping the result of the greed and the loss of morality of the American people. We now have a culture that is much like what existed in the Roman empire before it's collapse. We are experiencing a beastly society, where the people are fixated on themselves, and live only for today, giving no thought for producing anything of value for tomorrow for an inheritance for their posterity.


There has been a steady decrease in American expenditures towards science and productivity and a steady increase in the financial services such as speculation. Wall street has not only not produced anything to benefit the economy but it has sucked off what monetary value there was in the system, and produced a higher and higher inflationary bubble. But the American people have been satisfied, because they thought that they were making a profit from the system. Little did they know that the value of their money was being eaten away by their greed. The profit that they thought they made did not actually exist, because nothing was produced in the productive economy to support it. To make matters worse, Americans are too easily seduced by schemes that are touted to be the answer to our economic problems, such as the idea that cutting our budget will get us out of this crisis. Our country is being destroyed from within, through the destruction of our culture.


Americans are faced with a more serious crisis than they have ever faced in the history of their nation, and they don't understand what the true nature of the crisis is. Their understanding of what creates a sound economy is greatly lacking, therefore America is losing the ability to be productive, to progress, to create a high standard of living. Our nation is losing its scientific capability. Not only is our production dwindling, but the American economy is regressing backward. Industrialization has be outsourced. If this continues, America, which was once the most powerful nation in the world will be a third world country. The citizens of this nation have lost the ability to think creatively, to have a vision for the possibilities in the future that are possible. This is because the American culture has strayed away from the classical traditions that the American system was founded on.


The solution to our problems today will not be found merely in an economic policy shift, or by adding a new amendment to our constitution. The solution lies in changing the hearts and minds of the American people. It is necessarily a shift back to the roots of our nation; the universal truths that it was founded on, and the element of compassion inherent in it. It is a shift for a higher morality in the hearts and minds of the American population. Until we change the way Americans think, the problems we are facing cannot be solved. We must get back to the American classical culture, a culture that is based on compassion, and the willingness to look outside of ourselves and our own little world, to live for the betterment of society and future generations. Americans must once again embrace the ability to envision a future that is possible, to strive to bless their posterity by bringing that vision to fruition, and to inspire hope in others through the beauty of their culture, a culture that is forward looking, uplifts, and brings nourishment to the soul. Right now more than ever we need an optimism in our citizens.


We need a cultural upshift because it is a beautiful culture. Today's culture is ugly and depressing. It is typified by video games, and never ending soap operas. It is a portrayal of self, look at me, look at what I can do mentality. The artists of this culture seek to manipulate the audience by manipulating the senses. The people of the culture live in the moment, and don't have a sense of the future. It is a culture of drugs, it values living your life by your emotions rather than reason. It is a culture that destroys imagination and a sense of the future.


We need to think about what kind of a future we want to create. Do we want to create a world where there is no appreciation for anything but making a profit? Or winning a game? It was people like Beethoven, Bach, and Einstein who had the ability to imagine a future of what we could become, or to imagine the world we want to create.


The artist in a classical culture is focused on inspiring the audience in a way that uplifts and enables them to envision a better tomorrow, or envision the world that could be. It gives people a glimpse of the ideal that is positive. A true artist must at least in the moment of performance enable himself to be an idealistic person, to be able to move people in a positive direction.


We want to create a culture where people want to inspire others to make the world a better place. Leadership inspires people to envision the future that could be.


Imagination is different than fantasy. Imagination is based on reality and intention, something that is attainable. It is propelled by inspiration, and produces a better future. Fantasy is living outside of reality, and is not really intended to be achieved and usually is not achievable. It is often produced by boredom or apathy of the real world and produces destruction. Imagination is the development of the sensitivity to the world, one that is is only produced by esthetically based education, and it produces a better society.

The key issue that a classical culture should be based upon is compassion, the sensitivity of what is happening in other parts of the world, or to other people in the world. It is the ability to have compassion for others.


Equally important is that creativity is a very important factor in the development of scientific investigation and the discovery of new principles. All the people who have made important scientific contributions have had a highly developed ability for creativity, such people as Beethoven, Bach, and Albert Einstein. Artistic creativity is the needed element for the discovery of new principles. It is the ability to see outside the box of sensual perception.


Creativity enables the mind to understand principles that cannot be grasped through mathematics, which requires one right answer and doesn't allow the mind to go outside the box.


Creativity allows the mind to investigate things that are outside the realm of what is known and to stretch the mind to investigate the unknown.

Creativity is what allows the mind to contemplate two seemingly opposing ideas to see and understand how they relate to each other, to come to a deeper understanding of the higher principles that govern both seemingly opposing ideas.


The higher principles of truth can only be reached and understood through the creativity of the human mind. The investigation through creativity is what enabled Albert Einstein to come to an understanding of higher principles, which led to his discovery of the principle of relativity, e= mc 2.


Without creativity, the field of science would not have developed to the point that it has today, and the fact that creativity has not been fostered more in our schools is the reason why science has not made more progress than it has. They think that mathematics is the necessary element for scientific discovery. Most people today think of creativity as having something to do with mathematics, but that is not true. No principle of physical science was ever discovered and defined by mathematics. All scientists who attempted to discover new principles through mathematics failed.


There is no system of mathematics that will ever generate the discovery of a physical principle and never has been. You have to go outside mathematics to discover new scientific physical principles. You have to go to the realm of artistic creativity.


Creativity is the needed element that develops genius in the mind of a person. Every person has the potential to develop genius if their creativity is developed fully. It is a known fact that the most successful scientists were extremely creative. One example is that Einstein was an accomplished violinist. Einstein maintained that when his mind was stumped, and he couldn't seem to get past a certain point, he would get his violin out and play. This enabled his mind to think creatively and he was able to stimulate his thinking to a more creative way of thinking about the subject he was studying.

True creativity is expressed when the artist ceases to play the notes correctly, but comes to an understanding of the principle behind the notes, and plays out the intention. All great composers such as Bach, Beethovan, and Mozart understood the underlying principle for the notes that they designed to go together. There was an underlying principle that guided them in the creation of their art pieces. People who come to an appreciation of their music learn to recognize the underlying principles governing their music Scientific physical principles are discovered in the same way. This is why the appreciation of classical music develops the genius in the mind to be able to see and understand new scientific principles.

This understanding of classical art was more common in the general population at a prior time in our history. We need to get back to the culture of our roots, the culture that created what was once the most powerful nation in the world. We need to learn once again what it means to be an American.