About Me

by Elaine Jenkins



When I came to Christ I had a huge struggle ahead of me, much bigger than I had ever imagined, though I knew that it wasn't going to be easy. I thought that there would be people who would be understanding of what I was going through and wanted to help me. I was sure that first day when I sat down in that small mainstream Christian church, that they looked at my children and me as kind of odd. They must have been amazed that there were so many of us. I seemed out of place. As I looked around me, I saw that most of them only had about two children.

I had experienced an awakening after a period of sorrow for my past sins, and then one day someone led me in the sinners' prayer. I didn't know what I was doing, because I had already been praying and asking God to forgive me for my sins. I was in great sorrow because of them. I began to study the Bible, which I had never done before, and I had a craving to learn all that I could. I had had a negative experience in my prior church life, and so I really didn't want to go to church, but as I studied the Bible I realized that I should be in fellowship with other believers, so I decided to go, in spite of the fact that I didn't really want to. I wanted to please God.

I had never been at a church like this before, and so I was wary. I expected them to be like the Christians that I was learning about in the Bible, who helped each other. I thought of what someone told me when I told her of my plans to visit this church. I mentioned to her that I was looking forward to meeting real Christians. What she said surprised me; They confess their sins a lot, she told me. I didn't realize then that this was code for they can sin all they want as long as they confess their sins. I didn't understand what she meant by her comment, but I let it pass without comment.

I decided to get baptized, thereby joining this church. It wasn't easy. because, like I said, I really didn't want to go to church, but I wanted to please God, and I knew that He wanted us to be in fellowship with other believers, and He wanted me to be baptized. Also, I wanted my children to be taught about God, so they would love the Lord, so I was baptized at this church, although it seemed really strange to me. It was so different from what I had experienced in my past, but I tried extra hard to fit in.

I made excuses in my mind whenever anything didn't seem quite right. These people were studying the Bible, which I had never done in my prior church life, but because of my changed attitude and desire to study the Bible, I studied with them, and I wanted to think the best of them, and so I began making excuses for them a lot. These are real Christians, I had thought. I remember thinking, “I must be the one who is wrong,” when things didn't make sense in the Bible studies, because I was a new Christian, and most of them had been Christians for a long time.” I wanted to fit in, but didn't seem to be able to. As I looked around at the church, most of the people were married. I hoped that I wasn't the only single person there. I really wanted to find someone to marry to help me raise my 9 children. I didn't want to raise them by myself, and I wanted to have a relationship with someone.

I began to study the Bible with the people there. As time went on, it became more and more obvious to me that I didn't fit in. I was really concerned about this, because I knew of and heard of others who converted from Mormonism who seemed to fit right in. Everything was wonderful to them, according to their report. As it turned out, most of them were happily married, to the person who converted with them, and the ones whose husband or wife didn't convert with them were still really young, and they found someone to marry soon. This becomes a lot harder the older you get. My husband wouldn't convert, and he had also been in an accident in which he died, leaving me a single parent with 9 children to raise by myself. I was a little older, and so it was more difficult to find someone to marry. My life wasn't as ecstatically happy, as these other women reported. It's not easy to raise 9 children by yourself, even if you have Jesus in your life. It bothered me that I wasn't experiencing the same blissful life that others were reporting after leaving Mormonism. I felt a lot of peer pressure to tell people how wonderful my life was. Everyone else seemed to think that their problems were all solved after being saved. I felt like the odd one who couldn't honestly say this. I had a lot of problems that I was struggling with, that stretched on for years. One of these problems was that three of my children had a serious illness, not to mention my other problems, which I won't go into at this time.

I thought that it was strange that the churches separated the men and women for the Bible studies. I didn't understand why, after all, the Bible says that there is no male or female in Jesus, that everyone was supposed to be one. It didn't seem to matter that single men and women had an extra obstacle put in their way by this arrangement of separating the men and women for Bible study, if they ever wanted to meet someone to marry. I would soon learn that this was a common practice in most of the mainstream denominations. They didn't seem to think that marriage was very important, and so it never crossed their minds that this practice was an obstacle for those who were single. But they didn't seem to care. Some of the denominations even taught that it was better to not marry. I noticed that the people in leadership were happily married, and so their apathy towards the difficulties of single people like me, which was demonstrated by their practice of setting up the church system to be an obstacle for us, seemed hypocritical to me, especially since most people looked past my difficult situation of trying to raise 9 children by myself, and did nothing to help me. In fact, they tried to make my burden even more difficult. I was supposed to get “plugged in,” as they put it, and start paying tithing and volunteering for the church a lot.

Time continued along. I was trying desperately to fit in, but there were other things that bothered me too. I couldn't understand their fixation on the Jews. I couldn't see the pre-trib rapture theory in the Bible verses that they were convinced told about it. Nor could I see why they put the Jews on such a high pedestal above everyone else. Of course I cared about the Jews and wanted the best for them, but I couldn't see making them the focus of attention. Isn't Jesus supposed to be the center of our attention and adoration? I asked. “What have you got against the Jews?” I was asked, accusingly. I thought to ask them what they had against Jesus, but decided to bight my tongue. I eventually grew weary of this, and left the church. The people at the next church were no different. They were just as much pre-occupied with the Jews as the people at the first church. I came to realize that the people in most of the mainstream Christian denominations were pre-occupied with the Jews, to the point of fanaticism. They were so wrapped up in the pre-trib rapture theory that it overshadowed their whole life. It seemed that all they cared about was getting people to make decisions for Christ, as they put it, so that they could get as many people saved as possible before the rapture, which was going to happen any day. Once you said the sinners' prayer, they threw you over their shoulder, because they knew that you were going to go to heaven, and they went on to the next depraved sinner that needed to say the sinners'prayer.

I knew of people who told me that they had gone through deception before their conversion, and they said that they didn't want to ever be deceived again. When I thought about this, I wondered how they could believe in the rapture theory, and embrace it so readily? I thought that they didn't want to ever be deceived again, yet they blindly believed what the pastors and Bible teachers taught about this. It didn't make any sense to me. I thought, where in the Bible does it say that Jesus would return twice? I couldn't find any place where it said that. At first, the pre-trib rapture theory was annoying to me, because everyone was so obsessed with it, but I began to hate this theory, because it was messing up their lives. Why can't they see how ridiculous it is to let a theory like this ruin your life? I wondered. They are so focused on it that they don't make plans for anything else. Aren't they supposed to be Christians? This goes against Christianity. Some people told me that they weren't going to plan anything in their life, because they knew that they were going to get raputred soon, so what was the point?

I decided to go to a more liberal church where they wouldn't be so focused on the Jews, and those in the church who did believe in the pre-trib rapture theory wouldn't be so judgmental towards me for rejecting it. I knew that it wasn't wrong to judge, as long as you judge righteously. I didn't think that the way that they were judging me was righteous at all. Many of the Zionist even pushed for war, on the Jews' behalf. I thought that maybe the people at this new church (new to me) would be more likely to live in reality, they would be against the insanity of pushing for war in the middle east, and they wouldn't live their whole lives focused on getting people to make decisions for Christ. I thought that discipleship would also be important to them. What I soon realized was that although the people at this church didn't go out for the pre-trib rapture theory, they didn't do anything to correct the war mongering Christian Zionists either. They said nothing about the propensity of the Zionists to push for war in the middle east. I was disappointed that they did nothing to correct them. I had been excited at first, at the prospect of making new friends. Surely these Christians were real, I thought with anticipation. But time proved that this was an illusion. They were so proud of their neutrality, that they made neutrality into a shrine. The only thing that they stood for was that they stood for nothing, and were proud of it.

At church, I was continually reminded week after week what a depraved sinner I had been born to be. This denomination was even more aggressive in teaching this than the other denominations had been. I had to confess week after week that I continually sinned, affirming this, in a chorus with everyone else at church, in our weekly corporate prayer,. We said the words in unison that described how wretched we had been that week. We didn't apologize for it, we only confessed that it was true. This is not what I had expected, but I became acclimated to it with time. Although the people at this church weren't as obsessed with getting people to say the “repeat after me” sinners' prayer as the first group I had gone to church with, they had a different reason for their indifference to life. All of my troubles in life were pre-destined, they believed, and they wanted me to “get plugged in,” as they called it, to volunteer a lot, and also wanted my kids to do the same.

I sat alone in my pew, week after week, no one thought to invite me to sit next to them. There were times when I invited myself, by sitting next to someone without invitation, but I felt like an intruder. I tried this a few times, and finally gave up when I realized that it wasn't working. They didn't seem interested in becoming anything more than mere acquaintances. I gave up, and returned to sitting by myself, week after week. I then began to realize that most of the people had their families to sit next to, and that people just didn't sit next to people that weren't in their family. By this time, my kids were old enough that they had decided that they didn't want to go to church anymore. I tried to get my youngest son to go with me, and he said to me, “If we had a family like everyone else at church maybe I would go, but since we don't, I don't want to go. I don't have a dad like everybody else. It's too depressing to see everyone else sitting there with their dads.”

Such is how the church life went. I remained the odd one who didn't have any family, and never did quite fit in. I knew of others who had converted over from Mormonism who told about how wonderful their lives had been since they left. They seemed to think that they had everything figured out. They, like me, had said the sinners' prayer, and now officially recognized what a miserable depraved wretched sinner they were, and were born to be, but God couldn't tell because they were wearing their magic cloak of Jesus' righteousness. Some of them have even accepted the pre-trib rapture theory. They have made quite a nice life for themselves in the church. They have learned all of the Christian dogma, and they don't stick out one bit. I never did fit in like they do. Before I quit going to church altogether, I became aware that there were a few people (women) who came once in awhile, who were by themselves too, because they too didn't have family. I tried to befriend them and talk to them. Now that I have quit going to that church I think of them often and I hope they're doing okay.

From the beginning, I was confused a lot over doctrine issues, especially about end time prophecy because much of what the Bible teachers taught didn't make sense to me, yet it seemed to make sense to everyone else. Again, I was the odd one who didn't fit in.. This motivated me to study the Bible more. I even took some seminary classes, to try to learn the Bible better and straighten out some of my questions. Around this time, I went to a debate that was between Calvinism and Arminianism, held at the University of Utah. Dr. James White was one of the debators, and he was so convincing, with his rhetoric and good sounding arguments that he persuaded me to accept Calvinism. By this time I had been going to a Calvinism believing church for awhile. Even before that, I was unknowingly indoctrinated to believe tenets of Calvinism, at the pre-trib rapture theory believing churches I had gone to. The doctrines of Calvinism were confusing too at that time, but the pre-trib rapture doctrine was the most annoying to me, so I was most focused on trying to avoid that, and in so doing I walked right into the churches that were more aggressive in their indoctrination of Calvinism than what I had been exposed to at the pre-trib rapture believing churches. I had questions about Romans 9, where it said, before the twins were born, before they had done anything good or bad – in order that God's purpose in election might stand....” My sense of justice wouldn't accept what the Calvinists said, that this Bible passage supported Calvinism, and I, like many others, rejected it on the sheer reasoning that God wouldn’t be like this. He wouldn't deliberately plan to throw some people in hell for no apparent reason, just because it brought Him more glory. So, I put Bible verses like this on the shelf, because I didn't know how to explain them. At that debate, James' White rhetoric was so smooth, that his arguments seemed credible. Hence, he succeeded in convincing me to accept Calvinism. He had explanations for the proof texts that people used to refute Calvinism, too, like John 3:16: “For God so loved the world....” My head was mixed up with this doctrine for several years. During this time, I irritated quite a few people by arguing in favor of Calvinism. I look back on it now and shake my head that I actually did this. I had learned some of James White's arguments, and used them on other people from time to time. But I was a lover of history, and studied early church and world history a lot. It was studying and learning the history behind Calvinism that brought me back to reality. I learned that Augustine was a Manichean Gnostic, and that he mixed up Gnosticism with Christianity. The idea of original sin was his invention. The early church fathers before Augustine didn't teach the doctrine of original sin, in fact, what they taught refuted it. Since that time, I have learned how to refute James White's arguments successfully.

Throughout my experience of going to church in the mainstream denominations, I went to quite a few different churches, trying to run away from doctrines that I couldn't accept. I was expected to learn their (what seemed to me) dogmas, and leave my old life behind for better horizons. But I found, after much study of both the Bible and secular history that I couldn't fit in, as much as I tried. I found that these people lived in a world that was based on virtual reality. Some people embraced extreme neutrality, most lived a life of excessive triviality, and the acceptance of false doctrines built up in their minds. I have long since ceased to care whether or not they accept me, nor that I'm the odd one that doesn't fit in. I have ceased to care that they aren't interested in anything that I am interested in, that they aren't interested in digging in deep to learn the Bible, rather than blindly accepting what their pastors and Bible teachers teach them, except I dearly long to be able to wake them up from their slumber. I have found that they're not interested in talking about the real issues in life, as they live in their world of virtual reality. They are either focused on their personal inner feelings of peace, or are wrapped up in getting people to make decisions for Christ before the rapture.

The church is full of people who are lukewarm, having no concern over their sin. As a result, they have embraced the culture of the society at large, complete with the superficial charm and trivial small talk that is so prevalent in the social hours after church, where the people mill around speaking of trivialities, apathetic to lively conversations of the search for truth and the willingness to study deeply, what the Bible teaches. The people at the churches who aren't so focused on the Jews with obsession, are obsessed with their idols, such as the latest sports games, movie stars, and other time consuming trivialities. They are totally oblivious of the tragedy that is unfolding all around them, the spreading of the false gospel that has been embraced by the mainstream denominations, the resulting downgrading of society and the destruction of their country. But hey, why should they care about these things? They're going to heaven. That's one thing they're sure of. After all, they said the sinners' prayer, so now no one can judge them, no matter how vile their sin is. They're saved and nothing can take this away from them, no matter how they live their life. They’re not interested in talking about history, or anything else of importance. I have found them to not be interested in anything outside of their own personal world. If they ever get involved with politics, they only make things worse, because they are so uninformed about what is going on in the world, a large number of professing Christians blindly push for war on behalf of Israel, as the rest of them sit by and do nothing to stop them or correct them.

My fellow Christians from the far right endorsed Bush's candidacy, and then his war mongering antics, while my fellow Christians on the left sat back, said nothing, and looked on. Not a word of correction, as the far right pushed their war cry and senseless slaughter, as tens of thousands of innocent people were mangled by American troops. I sat through many Bible studies with the people on the far right, who said that they were Christians, prayed and thanked God that America had been blessed with a Christian for a president. They fully endorsed Bush's war mongering antics in Iraq. They thought that it was wonderful that he had sent troupes there to decimate their country, and kill tens of thousands of their people, many who were innocent civilians. They praised Bush for doing this, though Iraq had done nothing to America. The media spread the lies that it was Iraq that was responsible for 9-11, and that they had weapons of mass destruction. The mainstream Christians haven't figured out that the media lies about everything, and they trust everything that isreported in the news. So America had to go to war and decimate Iraq. Besides, there were also Muslims in Iraq, enemies of Israel, so America doubly had to do it if we wanted to be blessed, for going to war on behalf of Israel. If America didn't do it, we would be cursed, too many professing Christians believed

The war raged on long after Bush had falsely claimed it was over, and many Americans were sent home in body bags, while the Christians on the left said nothing to the professing Christians on the far right, who Praised Bush and delighted in the war. The professing Christians on the left. proclaimed peace, when there was no peace. Their world of non reality and neutrality escalated as the war dragged on, and war continues to this day, as they continue to look on and say nothing, proudly maintaining their neutrality, boldly protecting their feelings of inner peace. They believe that Jesus promised them this feeling of inner peace, so they have a right to it, and they dutifully maintain this feeling, no matter what is going on in the outside world. Their adoring eyes remain fixated on the object of their adoration, Obama, as he slowly devastates our country, tearing up our Constitution and everything that it stands for. Likewise, the adoring eyes of the Christian Zionists on the right remain fixated on the object of their adoration, the Jews, as they dutifully push for war on their behalf.

Though Utah is predominantly Mormon, it is swarming with professing Christians who are doing their best to convert all of the people they can, especially people leaving Mormonism, telling them of their folly to have the desire to be obedient to God, and what foolishness this is, as they try to convince them to let the lead them in the “repeat after me” sinners prayer so that theycan get instantly saved. These professing Christians jump at the chance to indoctrinate as many people they can. They are just as persistent and forceful as the Mormons are at trying to stop the bleeding from their church. I know from experience that many of the people leaving the Mormon ranks, especially those leaving the polygamy groups have been victimized in some way, and are looking for help. Since this is the primary concern on their minds, they are prone to overlook doctrines from the mainstream Christian churches that don't make sense, and they are therefor vulnerable to their indoctrination, as I was. I was caught up in the mainstream Christian dogma for awhile, but was blessed to escape it's brainwashing. But, I see many people leaving Mormonism and the polygamy groups who are thus indoctrinated, who never break free of it. They live the rest of their lives convinced that they have the truth, because they believe that they have Jesus.

Most professing Christians don't read and study the Bible on their own, through a lens of impartiality. Instead, they look through the tainted glass of their indoctrination if they do get the Bible out and read it on their own. In the past, the Catholic church had a monopoly on what the Bible taught because the only people who had access to it were the leaders of the Catholic Church. Today, the churches can maintain their dogma, even though everyone has their own Bible. They just teach their congregations to interpret the Bible the way their leaders want them to, then they criticize other religions for doing the same thing. The people dutifully heed the teaching of their pastors and Bible teachers without even thinking about it. They have been sufficiently brainwashed now to interpret the Bible the way they're told. They advise the Mormons, telling them that they need to test what they believe with scripture, and then neglect to apply their advice to themselves. They have become accustomed to a cursery study of the Bible, lightly skimming over it, jumping to the conclusions that their spiritual leaders have led them to believe, taking chapters and verses out of context, as they have been trained to do.. It is a situation of the blind leading the blind. The learned, distorted interpretations come to their minds so naturally that they have to struggle to block them out of their minds if they want to be impartial.

An example of what they have learned from their pastors is that when Jesus said “Go thy way and sin no more,” what he really meant was “Go thy way and sin some more.” Or, he didn't really mean it, because professing Christians know that everyone is born with a bent to sin, and no one can stop sinning. Jesus knew this, and so he left it up to Christians to understand his code, to figure out what he really meant. When the first apostles told the people to repent of their sins, that true repentance was a process of clearing their sins with a godly sorrow, and turning away from their sins, and coming clean with God by proving their faith by their works (2 Cor. 7: 8-10) (Acts 26: 20), what they really meant was to believe in God's provision for their sins, the substitution for obedience, so they could receive gift of the magical robe of Jesus' righteousness, since no one could obey God. They know that if anyone tries to obey Him they would fall away from grace. What the Bible is really teaching here, if you know the code, is that the one who tries to stop sinning is the one who goes to hell, and the one who doesn't exert any effort to obey God, goes to heaven. What the Christian should take away from the verses about salvation is that the Christian who wears Jesus' magic cloak of righteousness would some day stop sinning, but probably not until they get to heaven, because no one can stop sinning, due to our inborn sinful nature. This is the message that the Bible really teaches, which Christians are expected to understand, but they have to know the code to come to this understanding. Jesus and His apostles didn't tell the truth outright. Instead, they hide the truth in this code.

Most new believers are indoctrinated to become Zionists, though the Christian Zionists don't think of themselves in this way. They don't even realize that they are Zionists. They are indoctrinated to think of themselves as wretched sinners, who can't do anything good. They are constantly told by their pastors and Bible teachers that all of their attempts to do what is right are like filthy rags to God, and that their hearts are deceitfully wicked and beyond repair. They are expected to acknowledging their wretched behavior, to recognize that they sin every day, in thought, word, and deed. God is aware of mankind's wretched condition, the totally depraved nature that they were born with, so He provided a substitute for their obedience, so they wouldn’t have to be obedient to Him. All they have to do is profess their wretched condition, and receive His free gift, his substitution for their obedience. If they put their faith in this package (Christ's finished work on the cross) all of their sins past, present, and future will be forgiven. The believer receives the magic cloak of Jesus' righteousness so that from then on, when they sin God can't see it. Their salvation is totally secure, through their faith in this package. God doesn't expect them to stop sinning, on this side of heaven, as they say, so they have a free ride, no matter how they live their life, all because at that one point in time they said the "repeat after me sinners' prayer." All sins are equal anyway, so even the vilest of sins aren't really that bad. The act of murder is no different than jay walking. Never mind that this has a ring of preposterous in our hearts and minds. Believers are constantly told that they can't trust their mind (what make sense) or their heart (which is deceitfully wicked). All they can trust is the inerrant Word of God (which they are carefully taught by their pastors and Bible teachers how to interpret). The good news is that you can have the best of both worlds. You can sin every day, and as long as you confess your sins, you will still go to heaven. No matter how much this seems to be a lie, through your own logic and reason, it is true. These ideas are tenets of Calvinism (the total depravity of man, and the preservation of the saints), but the people who buy into this package don't realize that they are buying into Calvinism, which was birthed by the heretic, Augustine.

Whether you are attending a known Calvinistic denomination or not, ie, such as the Presbyterian camp, or otherwise, you are indoctrinated to believe in tenets of Calvinism, and learn to be Calvinists, without realizing that you are one. Maybe not a 5 point, but a Calvinist nonetheless. Everyone in all mainstream Christian denominations is expected to embrace these tenets of Calvinism if they want to be accepted in the mainstream Christian camp, that is, if they want to be recognized as brothers and sisters in Christ. If you don't receive Jesus' magic cloak of righteousness you are an outsider, an unbeliever. People who don't believe in Jesus' magic cloak of righteousness are doomed if they don't confess their sin and accept this package. The people who are committed to follow and obey Christ are not considered true Christians. They are cast into the same lot as the Mormons. Both groups, Mormons, and the rejected people from the mainstream Christian camp, the people who reject Calvinism, are on their way to hell. The professed Christians from the mainstream camp make fun of the Mormons' magic underwear, but they believe in Jesus' magic cloak of righteousness and think nothing of it.

When people who have felt badgered by church doctrines are taught about a gospel of a lovey God, that tells them that God is so loving that He provided a magic blanket of righteousness for them, they are easily seduced by it. When they are told that in His pity for depraved sinners, God provided a way so that they wouldn't have to care about their sin, that no matter how they live their lives they will still go to heaven, it is easy to get them to parrot after someone the sinners' prayer. They don't even have to genuinely repent. Most professing Christians teach a fake repentance. Some even teach against repentance at all. The sinner is told that all they have to do is acknowledge their depraved condition to God, and believe in His provision, the package that Jesus provided by His finished work on the cross, and they will be covered with Jesus' magic cloak of righteousness. When their ears are tickled with this doctrine, they are easily convinced to parrot the sinners' prayer, and they are told that they are now a believer. Then they are directed to start attending church, where they are further indoctrinated to not take their sin seriously. The churches are full of people who are saved in their sins, live their whole lives in their sins, with a false sense of security, and die in their sins, believing that they are going go to heaven. It is people like me, who have rejected this gospel which gives people a license to sin, (people who are seriously living their lives in obedience to God) who are going to be thrown into outer darkness, according to the professed Christians from the mainstream churches.

To come out of this mess I had to study on my own. I had and still have a craving to study and learn the Bible and church history. I had to set aside much of what I learned, sitting under the preaching of the modern day pastors, week after week. I came to an understanding of truth by setting aside the framework that I had been indoctrinated to look through, by these pastors. It is through this study, and God's strengthening me, (which is what grace really is, as Paul taught in Titus 2: 11. Grace isn't undeserved favor, as the professing Christians claim) helping me to discern the truth, that brought me out of the deceptions, that I had been indoctrinated to believe in by the mainstream Christian churches. The people who still remain in these churches have been and are still being taught a distorted version of the Bible, and church history. The pastors of today study at the seminaries where they are taught a mythological version of church history and the gospel. That is why they don't come to a realization of the truth through their study, and that is why they teach doctrines of men when they leave the seminaries and become pastors. They study and learn under false teachers who studied under false teachers who taught them the false gospel that has been spread so rampantly throughout the world, and now there is an army of deceivers who go out in huge swarms, throughout the world, deceiving the masses. This has been going on since Augustine, and especially after Martin Luther, who re-enforced what Augustine taught. He was an Augustian monk.

I learned through my own studies what really happened in early church history about the reformation. Protestant Christians have been taught a romanticized, mythological version of this history. They believe the myth that the protestants were on the moral high ground, that they were the good guys, and the Catholics were the bad guys. The truth is that there was no good side, the whole thing was one big tragedy. One third of the population in Europe died as the result of these tragic religious wars. Both the Catholic Church and Protestant churches are two sides of the same coin. Although there was a reformation of some things, both sides embraced the tenets of Calvinism, and through these tenets, most of the people in the world have been indoctrinated to have a bestial view of man, to believe that every person is born so deficient, so incapable of understanding truth, that no one can understand righteous principles or choose to act to do good. The combined human thought that has been brought upon the world through this deception has been molded from the top down, deceiving the masses to believe this lie that was started by Augustine. It is this deception that led to further deceptions, such as the belief in Jesus' magic cloak of righteousness, which was an invention that grew out of the heretical “original sin” doctrine, which says that every person is born a depraved sinner. Since all of mankind is born with this malady, God had to provide an alternate plan for obedience, thus, the concept of the magic robe of Jesus' righteousness was invented, which gives us a license to sin, making it so that God can't see our sin. It is this doctrine that has produced the moral decay that has brought so much destruction to our world, because people are indoctrinated to not take their sin seriously.

It hurts to see so many people taken in by the lies that are promoted by the mainstream churches today. It is my hope and prayer to stop this. My heart aches to see people leaving Mormonism only to be sucked into the mess that the mainstream church is today, with its layer upon layer of deception. I hope to find people who sincerely love the truth, who will join this fight for people's souls. There are hoards of people out there who are deceiving and being deceived, drawing in their victims with their fake repentance and finished work on the cross package. I don't want to see more people duped into joining the “repeat after me” to receive the gift of “Jesus' magic blanket of righteousness” crowd, who are spreading a lawless gospel where people think that they can live in their patterns of sin because Jesus obeyed for them. They think that since Jesus did it all, that they don't have to do anything, and if they do, they are sinning, because they are trying to act in their own strength. They never truly repented, and never truly turned away from their sins, because they think that they don't have to. All they have to do is believe in the package arrangement. They came into the church in their sins, and now they have so much comfort and a false sense of security while they sin, because they think that God doesn't see them sinning. All He sees is Jesus' magic cloak of righteousness. They mock the Mormons for their magic underwear, but they do the same thing that they mock them for. They gather around them teachers who tickle their ears with this false gospel that legitimizes their lawlessness. They think that they can have it all, they have the perfect excuse to not take their sin seriously. They think that everything in the mainstream church is absolutely wonderful, as they blindly believe everything they are told by their pastors and Bible teachers, and as they blissfully look past the war mongering Christian Zionists who are pushing to decimate other countries through war, on behalf of Israel. Most professing Christians in the mainstream denominations are so deceived, their hearts have become so seared and dull, that they are totally apathetic to the evil that is being promoted by their churches. They live in their bliss, in a world of virtual reality, apathetic to the truth.

I know that I am really blessed that I didn't stay in the mess that the mainstream christian church is, and now I see the urgency to reach out to others who are trapped in it, and help them escape the lies. What makes it harder is that they report that they are happy. They are satisfied to live in the trap, believing the lies that promote lawlessness, so they have no motivation to leave. Most of them have families to go to church with, so they're not lonely. It's not as noticable to them that the Zionists spend all of their time trying to get decisions for Christ before the rapture happens, and so it isn't that noticable to them that they have been thrown over the shoulder of people who are not really interested in the discipleship of people who have already said the sinners' prayer. And, they're not struggling like I was, trying to raise 9 children by myself. Therefor they fit into the church mold better than I did. They're happy with their life in the church. It doesn't cross their mind that what they are listening to from their pastors, week after week might be wrong. They don't stop to consider or even wonder its truthfulness, no matter how irrational it is.

Part of the problem is that the naive new believer wants so desperately to belong, and so they are easily pressured into going along with whatever is taught, and say whatever they need to to belong to the club. There is a great amount of peer pressure exerted on anyone who doesn't comply, who asks the wrong questions, as I had asked the Zionist Christians; "Shouldn't Jesus be the center of our attention and adoration?" I was shamed in front of others really quickly. Nobody wants to be the outsider, to be labeled the heretic, or called what is the most commonly used term in the churches today to control people like me who ask the wrong questions, "divisive." The word "divisive" is like a curse, worse than a four letter word among professing Christians. No one wants that label. The professing Christians today point their finger at the Mormons, accusing them of not having any patience for someone's honest questions, yet they are guilty of the same thing. But it's okay, because they're wearing the magic cloak of Jesus' righteousness, and so they can sin all they want and God doesn't see it. They don't have to worry about their sin because they're going to go to heaven anyway, no matter how they live their life.

There are others like me who are contending for the faith, but the workers are few. Please help us stand in the gap for the truth, to stop this tragedy from spreading, the swarms of professing Christians who are out deceiving the world. Help us reach others, to snatch them from the fire of deception, which leads to eternal destruction. Millions of souls are on the line. Be the hope and lite of the world. Let your light shine so that everyone can see it.