Struggle to Maintain Power and Control Over the Human Mind - Some of the Stooges that the Venicians used to accomplish this were Bertrand Russell, Paolo Sarpi, Martin Luther, and John Calvin

by Elaine Jenkins



Venician manipulation of the Mind Through Science and Religion

The Venicians orchestrated the Protestant Movement and the Counter Protestant Movement (the Jesuit movement) deliberately, orchestrating as much war and chaos in the world as possible. They did this to get the world's attention off of the war of the League of Cambre, which was on the verge of conquering the Venician oligarchs, taking down their power to foment destruction around the world. The Venician plan worked. They recovered from the brutal attack that had come against them from the League of Cambre, which had left them popwerless, and made their survival seem hopeless. The fact that they survived seemed like a miracle.

Webster Tarpley: History Ph.D


Let's go back to a prior time when the oligarchs had sucked the wealth from the populaton to the point of exhaustion. It was their parasitical looting that caused civilization to fall, and brought on the dark ages. This was a dark time in history. Nicholas of Cusa was a poor peasant, born during The Dark Ages, and was blessed to be one of the young boys who was educated by the Brothers of the Common Life. He was bright, studied diligently, and learned the ideas of the great thinkers before his time, such as Plato, who had lived years before civilization fell into the dark ages, before the Black Plague had decimated most of the population throughout the world. Cusa's ideas would some day change the world. He would never meet John Winthrop personally, but his writings would some day have a profound influence on Winthrop's thoughts, an inspiration to Winthrop, the governor of the Massachussets Bay Colony, who in turn, inspired the people of the new settlement in the colony to be a light on a hill, a beacon of hope to the rest of the world. This was the genisus of the forming republic, The United States of America, the only nation in the world that was founded on Christian principles.

Cusa grew up and became a Catholic Cardinal. Among his many works was the De Concordantia Catholica (The Catholic Concordance) (1434). This is a synthesis of ideas on a just government, ruled by the consent of the people. Cusa defined the responsibility and obligation of the sovereign nation-state to promote the common good of the people through the development of the infrastructure of the state, and the promotion of scientific progress. Cusa also established the idea of the individual having unalienable rights, based on natural law. These ideas were not only read by Winthrop, but the American Founding Fathers, who over 300 years later, incorporated them in the American founding documents. They didn't just make up ideas on their own when they penned the documents for the fledgling nation they founded. Their ideas came from Cusa, and others.

This is not the full extent of Cusa's impact on the world, he was able to resolve a rift that had been going on between the eastern and western Catholic church, a disagreement over the doctrine of the filioque. Cusa uncovered documents that proved the correct view of the filioque, and there was a reconciliation of both sides of the church at the Council of Florence. This is the view that the Holy Spirit, proceeds from both the Father and from the Son equally. This stresses man's relationship to God, his closeness to His likeness, that man is made in God's image. Jesus explains how many of the Father’s attributes are the Son’s as well. Jesus clearly says that “whatever the Father does, these things also the Son likewise does” (John 5:19b). The Father and the Son share everything in common. The correction and agreement of the view of this doctrine had a huge impact on the world. It emphasizes the close relationship man's image is with the Father, which, prior to this agreement had been believed to be more distant. It also emphasized man's special responsibility to imitate Christ. This embodied the idea that each individual person could participate directly in God's creative reason. This change in the view of man is what ushered in the Renaissance. Before this, people had been held in mental bondage, because of their belief that mankind was not capable of understanding the principles of nature, the universal laws of truth, established by God, and to act on truth. The Renaissance brought the ideas of true Christianity in view, based on the embrace of the idea that man was created in the image of God, and still retained His image after the fall. People rejected the view that man is not capable of understanding and acting on truth. When the people embraced the correct view of the filioque it unlocked their minds, and allowed them to begin to value reason, and to use their reasoning ability to understand the truths of the universe. This gave rise to scientific discovery. The Renaissance lifted the quality of life for the people in the world immensely, because of the scientific discovery that it stimulated.

The elite nobles hated the Renaissance. They realized that scientific progress meant that they would lose their control over the masses of people in the world, and they wanted to continue to hold the people in a slave like condition. They knew that if they allowed mankind to have scientific progress and technology, that would free them from their servitude to the elites. They couldn't let that happen, so they tried to stop that progress. They realized that if they could come up with a way to convince the people to hold themselves in mental bondage, to not go down the path of scientific progress that the Renaissance had given them, then the elites could still have a feudal system in the world, and their power could be maintained. Their attack against the human mind was two fold, one, an attack against scientific progress, and two, an attack against the human mind, levied through the mainstream Christian church.

All of history, not only the history of the United States, but of the world has been dominated by the struggle between the two conceptions of man, a struggle over which view of man will dominate the world. One conception is that man is a mere animal that is trapped by what he can know with his senses. Under this conception, man cannot understand the underlying causal principles of nature and the universe (which are not seen). The laws of nature, from man's perspective are arbitrary, because of his limited capacity to know and understand them. The other conception of man is that man was made in the image of God, and therefor shares in His creativity and capacity to understand and harness the principles of nature to shape the universe. In this sense, man has been given the mandate to be a co-creator of the universe with God. This mandate was endowed onto man by the Creator, and is expressed in God's commandment to multiply and subdue the earth (in Genesis 1:25). To subdue the earth requires that man develop his understanding of the principles of the universe, since they affect the earth, to use his inherent reasoning ability to come to to an understanding of the laws of nature, and he has the right to develop this capacity. All of mankind has the right to develop to their fullest potential, to develop their creative ability to investigate nature in order to come to understand and apply the universal principles of nature, and to harness and control them to create higher states of happiness for themselves and their posterity. This is the meaning behind the words penned by the Founding Fathers “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” This idea was inspired by the German philosopher, Gottfried Leibniz, who was a Christian.

Before America was founded as a nation, the whole world functioned under the conception that man is a mere animal. The Renaissance birthed a different conception of man for a short time, the Christian conception, but the elite oligarchs orchestrated their attack against the human mind, to undermine the progress that the Renaissance fostered. The result was that though the world made progress for a short time, inspired by the Renaissance, this progress was stopped and 95% of the population of the world still lived menial lives, and had a bestial existence. They lived to serve their rulers, who were an enlightened oligarchy of royal elitists. Under this system, these elitists had the right to rule because only they were endowed with the enlightenment of higher understanding of nature that was needed to run the world. Only they had the ability to understand universal principles of truth. The rest of humanity was confined to a bestial understanding of the world. They were born so depraved that they didn't have the ability to understand the higher truths of the universe. To this day, the battle rages between these two systems in the world, a bestial conception of man vs the Christian view of man, i.e. created in the image of God. This attack against the human mind comes from a deeper level. It is an attack against God and his creation, whom he created in His image. Satan hates God's image bearers.

The oligarchical rule started out headquartered in Rome, and when Western Rome fell, they moved their headquarters to Venice. They then conquered the Byzantine Empire, while still in Venice. From there, moved their headquarters to London. The British Empire is none other than a re-packaging of the Roman Empire. It is actually the third or fourth reign of the Roman Empire, depending on how you count Byzanthiam. Its principles of operation are the same as the oligarchical principles of the Roman Empire, the same principles that have been practiced by the oligarchs of empire for thousands of years. Today, the oligarchical system operates through a banking cartel, which is headquartered in London. The British Empire still exists, but they have hidden themselves from the view of the world. Most people think of the British Empire as benign, but it is still alive, operating through London.

Throughout history, the oligarchs have guarded their power jealously. They have done everything in their power to keep 95% of the population of the world under their control, and in a bestial state of existence. People who are poor and uneducated are easier to control. The science and technological progress that the Renaissance inspired was stopped, and the oligarchs were happy, until there was a ship called the Arabella, that crossed over the Atlantic, in 1630. This was the genesis of the republican movement in the New World, which birthed the idea of the nation state. The whole world was transformed by the radical ideas of this group of Puritans. They were different from the Puritans who had come over 10 years earlier, on the Mayflower. They wanted to set up a society apart from their mother country. They had secured the right of self-government, prescribed in the Massachusetts Bay Charter, which they brought with them. Their leader, John Winthrop was inspired by the writings of Nicholas of Cusa, and also embraced the Christian view of man, the view that man was created in the image of God, and retained that image after the fall. John winthrop gave a speach aboard the Arabella, called "A Model of Christian Charity,"which planted in the minds of these new world Puritans the vision that they would be like a city on a hill, that if they were successful in following the mandate of true Christian charity, they would be an inspiration to the world. All eyes would be on them, and all humanity would be encouraged to follow their example, with the hope that they too could break free of the oligarchical tyranny that had its grip on the world.

The American form of government rests on the fundamental principles that separate men from animals, that do not reduce men to animals, opinions, feelings, and mere sense certainty. When our Founding Fathers wrote the words, “We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal, endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” they were fighting against the oligarchical bestial conception of man, and they were fighting for mankind's' right to intellectual development, to realize their fullest potential, to execute God's commandment to multiply, replenish, and subdue the earth.

The oligarchs' regard the American Republic their greatest enemy, because of the Christian principles that it was founded upon, especially the Christian view that man was made in the image of God, and that he retained God's image after the fall of Adam, which America's founding documents support and defend. The British oligarchical elite hate the Christian view of man, and they have worked and schemed to destroy America since the time of its independence. They didn't give up when the Americans won their War of Independence, and when the British realized that they couldn't retake America militarily, they began working to retake America from within. They plotted and schemed to co-opt America's government, by getting their agents in positions of power, and corrupting American politicians, buying them off, so that they would pander to the will of the oligarchs, rather than act in the best interest of the American people.

This political attack against America has been powerful, but their most powerful attack levied against the United States has been an attack on the human mind, and they have largely accomplished this through the mainstream Christian church, which has been working hard to promote a bestial view of man throughout the world. American seminaries teach it to the upcoming pastors, who preach it from their pulpits, and American missionaries spread it throughout the world. This heretical, satanic view of man has had a devastating impact on America and the world. Those who teach it go throughout their lives deceiving and being deceived. They have been indoctrinated to call evil good and good evil.

The oligarchical elites lost ground during the Renaissance, through the impact that it had on the world, but they have taken great pride in their later accomplishments in controlling the minds of the the people throughout the world. They have become quite skilled in convincing them that black is white and white is black. The mainstream Christian church has fallen for their lies, hook, line and sinker, and is unwittingly used as a tool in their hands to spread destructive, anti-Christian ideas throughout the world. We see the corruption that it has produced every where. People think that they can sin with impunity. Their conscienses have become seared. They have no concern for the aweful things that they do, and no sense of responsibility to refrain from doing wrong, because the bottom line is that it doesn't matter what they do because God forgave them, including the sins that they haven't committed yet. There is nothing motivating them to stop sinning, to refrain from doing evil. They sit under the teachings of the lieing pastors who tell them week after week that they are wretched sinners, that anything good that they try to do is nothing but filthy rags, they have a heart that is deceitfully wicked, and they are the chief of all sinners. They are told that every day, they give God a vote of no confidence, and that they disobey Him every day in thought, word and deed. This is what is ground into their minds, as they sit week after week listening to this. Is it any wonder that they have no motivation to live a godly life? They are told these things over and over, and so they believe them. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. As a person thinketh in his heart so is he. This is the natural outgrowth of embracing a bestial view of man, believing that he is depraved at birth, and cannot do what is right, cannot undertstand and act on truth. No wonder that society is becoming more corrupt.


One disclaimer that I want to make is that although I placed videos on this website because I deemed their content to be correct for the most part, sometimes the presenters go on rabbit trails which have nothing to do with the subject matter that the video is supposed to be about and they present things that are not true on their rabbit trails. This has been very frustrating to me. They detract from their message by the untrue rabbit trails that they like to go on. Sometimes a small part of their presentation (that is relevent to the subject they are speaking on) is not true. For example, in the video on the right which gives the history of Calvinism, the presenter makes a comment about Plato which is innaccurate. He clearly demonstrates that he doesn't understand what Plato taught, by his statement that Augustine got his pagan (gnostic) ideas partly from Plato. I have found that most people who have studied church history back to Augustine have not studied Plato, and they don't realize that many of Plato's ideas were consistent with Christianity. Plato didn't present these ideas in Christian terminolagy, but they nevertheless do not contradict Christianity. For example, instead of referring to the Creator, or God, Plato refers to the (ultimate) good, which is in line with the concept of God. Plato defends the idea that there is ultimate 'truth,"and that man has the inherent ability to understand and act on this universal truth. This is the opposite of gnostacism, which embodies the idea that man is too bestial and corrupt to be able to understand and act on truth. Plato's view of man is consistent with the Christian view of man, i.e. that he was created in the image of God. This Christian view of man, which Plato defends has been greatly attacked throughout the history of the world, including attack from professing Christians, who promote the heretic doctrine of man's inherent sinful, depraved nature. Ironically, the presenter has it backward, Plato defended the Christian view of man. Augustine came up with his theory that attacks the Christian view in spite of Plato's ideas, not because of them. I have yet to find someone who has done research on Augustine, who has made a video, who has also done research on Plato, who can therefor present an accurate view of Plato. So, in spite of this inaccuracy in this video I put it on my website anyway, because the rest of what he says is true, but I add this disclaimer.

What the presenter of the video on the right doesn't know about Augustine is that there was a time in his life when he supported the concept that man was created in the image of God, and he fiercely defended and supported what Pelagius taught. Augustine was acting on the influence of Plato at this time. But later in his life Augustine did a complete turn around, and began teaching against the ideas of Plato and Pelagius, which he had formally defended, and he came against them. Pelagius, who had been his friend became his enemy.

Throughout history there has been a battle for the mind, between a bestial view of man and the Christian view of man. Aristotle and Plato were on opposite sides of this battle, Aristotle argued for the bestial view of man, and Plato argued for the Christian view of man. Plato had a huge impact on the world for good. His ideas were studied and promoted by Christians, such as Nocholas of Cusa, who was the father of science. It was Cusa's ideas and accomplishments, inspired by Plato, that brought in the Renaissance and propelled scientific progress.

Most people who have read Plato, don't understand his arguements, and some even distort and twist them to support the idea that he promoted paganism. For example, the allegory of the cave that Plato wrote about was a metaphor that illustrates the battle for the mind between the bestial view and the Christian view of man. This battle was going on in Plato's day, just as it is today. Plato's allegory of the cave is an attack against Aristotle's ideas. It is a perfect illustration to show that there are principles of truth that are the causality for what we see, hear, touch, and smell. What we sense with our sences are only the evidence of the principles of truth. People have the mistaken idea that what they sense with their senses is reality, not taking into account that there are universal principles (which we can't see) that act on nature to produce the evidence which we can sense with out senses. The universal principles, the causality, are where reality is located, not in the objects of perception themselves. For man to progress in science he must be persuaded to leave behind the idea that truth resides in what man can perceive with his senses. Most people are not willing to do that. They have been convinced to believe the lies that the oligarchs have foisted on the world, to believe in the bestial view of man, which is embodied in the model that the oligarchs invented for the purpose of keeping man in bondage, i.e. the Empiricle Model. People have been indoctrinated to stay in a world of virtual reality, the realm of sense certainty, as prescribed by the Empiricle Model. People mistakenly believe that this is where truth lies. This is what Plato tried to get accross to people with his allegory of the cave, to get people to see the fallacy of what the oligarchs were promoting through Aristotle. Plato advocated that man has the ability to understand the invisible universal principles of truth, but it was difficult to get people to come out of the cave and investigate where reality really lies.

It is the preocupation with sense certainty which leads people to believe that we don't have a soul, based on the Empirical Model (because we can't see a soul). The proponants of the Empirical model would have us believe that we cannot understand what we cannot perceive with our senses, and they advocate that we should stay within the realm of sense certainty. The Emperical Model promotes a bestial view of man, and restricts the scientific progress of everyone who embraces it. Yet, this is the model that is taught in our schools and universities. The oligarchical elites have indoctrinated people to believe ideas that hold their minds in bondage, both in science and religion. That is why Plato and Pelagius have been demonized, and Aristotle and Augustine have been lifted up to a high place of honor and respect. I have found that throughout history it is often the case that the people who are on the right side of an issue are demonized, and the people who are on the wrong side are highly respected.

Another mistaken idea that the presenter implies in the video on the right is that he falsely claims that Augustine was the first person who taught that there is not a literal millenial reign of Christ. Historicly, Christians were in line with this view before, and after Augustine. The dispensational concept of the literal millenial reign of Christ was not fully taught until the 1830's. There were people who set the groundwork which was used to usher this heresy into the church in the 1830's so that it was accepted. Prior to this time Dispenationalism was considered heresy by the church. It was invented by the heretics who wanted to get the focus of the anti-christ off of the Catholic church. Many people in the early church believed that Rome was the anti-christ, and later, that belief led to the idea that the Catholic Church was the anti-christ. Many people believe that today. The Catholic Church wanted to get the focus off of themselves, and so they invented a theory that delayed the coming of the anti-christ. The Jesuits taught that the anti-christ would reign on the earth at a later time, that he would bring a tribulation on the earth, and that this would be God's punishment to the Jews for their rejection of Christ. At the time of their rejection of Christ, God's heavenly clock would stop keeping track of time, and the last week of the 70 weeks of Daniel was jetisoned to a later time frame (over 2000 years later). Through this tribulation brought on by the anti-christ (the Christians would be raptured to heaven before the tribulation), the Jews would be saved through faith in Christ, and then become heirs with Christ, and reign with Him in His literal kingdom on earth. This view holds that the modern professing Christians would be raptured and escapte the tribulation that the Jews were to go through. They would return with Christ after the tribulation, and reign in a heavenly Jerusalem during a literal thousand year reign on earth by Jesus and the Jews. This heritcal view is embraced by most professing Christians today. They have embraced an interpretation of scripture that is not supported by the Bible. It is a theory that the Jesuits invented, i.e. the theory of the pre-tribulation rapture and the literal millenial reign of Christ. Augustine was not going against orthodox teaching when he taught that there was no literal millenial reign, but he laid the groundwork for dispensationalism. He taught that the teachings of the apostles didn't apply outside of their dispensational time frame.

There are other inaccuracies in some of the videos on this website, but they are minor compared to this one about Plato, and the literal millenial reign, so I have let them stand without a disclaimer. But most of the time, there are other videos that correct the inaccuracies.


In 2 Thes. 2: 3, it talks about the falling away. Mainstream Christians use this verse to support their belief in the pre-trib, and midt trib ratpture. The Greek word that is used here is "apostacia," which means apostacy. This vers e is not talking about the rapture of the church, but it refers to an apostacy from the truth, and that is what we are seeing today, an "apostacy" from the truth. Apostacia is not about the rapture. Most Christians today who believe in dispensationalism, i.e. the literal millenial reign of Christ have this kind of reasoning. All of the professing Christians who think that they are getting out of tribulation in this life. are in for a rude awakening. Jesus told us that in this life we will have trouble. He didn't promise us a rose garden. Most professing Christians in America have been spoiled. They think that just because their lives have been relatively free of tribulation that it is because they have been protected by God. The reason why they have had relative ease in their lives is because they have been blessed because they live in America. Christians in other parts of the world, and in other times in history have not been spared trouble. They have lived with a tremendous amount of tribulation. People living in America have taken their freedoms for granted, believing that it is because they have been blessed by God. No, it is because they live in America. God is no respecter of persons, and He loves the believers in other parts of the world and in other times in history who have endured much tribulation just as much as the believers in America.

John Nelson Darby was a member of the British Anglican Church before he founded "The Brethren." He was used by the British Oligarchs to manipulate and control the minds of the professing Christians. There were others who expanded on Darby's lies, C. I. Scofield picked up on them and codified them in his heretical bible, complete with study notes that explained the heretical dispensational view in detail. Most of the professing Christians in America have fallen for these lies and have allowed themselves to become incapacitated to affect the world for good. They think that since they are going to be raptured any day, what is the point of doing anything about the evil that is going on in the world today? Couple this with their belief that their salvation is assured, since they agreed with God that they are sinners, and parroted after someone the sinners' prayer at one point of time in history, and now they are wearing the magical cloak of Jesus' righteousness, they believe that they are saved and that they can do no wrong that will negate their assured salvation. No one can judge them, even if they commit the vilest of sins, because all of their sins have been forgiven, past, present, and future. They don't have to do anything to secure their salvation. They are indoctrinated by their spiritual leaders to believe in a "faith alone" doctrine which dictates that to do anything good on your own is sin. They are admonished to wait for God to change their hearts and minds for them, and if that happens, which it most likely won't in this life, they'll finally stop sinning. They are so dogmatic in their belief in these ideas, their consciences have become seared by their refusal to love the truth. This attitude, added to their belief in Darby's and Scoefield's lies have rendered the majority of the professing Christians today completely ineffective for good. That is just what the oligarchs want.

The oligarchs don't just want to corrupt society, their main goal for their spawning the false doctrine of dispensationalism is to use it for genocide, to orchestrate wars around the world to reduce the world's population. The oligarchs are using professed Christians for this purpose, through the indoctrination of Zionism, which rests on the foundation of dispensationalism, taught by Darby and Scoefield. They brainwash professing Christins to push for wars around the world, especially when these wars can be made to favor Israel.


Christian Zionism BRAINWASHING

Teaching Professing Christians to be War Mongers

on Behalf of Israel, which Can do no Wrong