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Hope and Lite is a non-denominational Christian Ministry. We believe that the light and truth of Christianity liberates people from oppression and manipulation. We are committed to sharing the truths of Christianity to liberate the minds and hearts of people, so that they will have a firm foundation on which to build a life in liberty and truth. Our mission is to help people to know and understand the Gospel which was established by Jesus Christ and His first apostles. We believe that a correct understanding of the principles of truth liberates hearts and minds from oppression.

The True Gospel vs A Different Gospel

We earnestly seek to promote the Christian view of man, which is the view that man was created in the “image of God,” and that this image was not lost at the fall of Adam. We assert that any view opposed to this is contrary to the correct Christian view of Man, which is that man has been endowed by our Creator with creativity, which is neccesary to fulfill his mission to promote good in the earth, fulfilling the commandment to love our neighbor.

We assert that to focuse attention solely on salvation is to ignore an important part of the great commission, discipleship. Jesus said to go and make disciples of all nations, as well as baptising in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey. Focusing solely on eternal salvation is ignoring God's mandate to do good on the earth for our fellow man, for whatever we do to the least of them we do unto God (Matthew 25: 31-46).

Further, the view of man as created in the image of God is necessary for the fulfillment of God's given mandate to replentish and subdue the earth. We believe that man has been endowed by our Creator with the ability to know, undertstand, and act on principles of truth, and that mankind was admonished by God to act on them for good, for this life, and eternally, to create better conditons of life for man on the earth, and to be able to understand and act on the necessary truths that lead to eternal salvation.

We are committed to promote the view of man as created in God's image, and that any view that is opposed to this is based on A Different Gospel than the one established by Jesus. Read more

Heresies in the Church -Why We are Here

The early church fathers taught that you MUST repent, forsake your sins, and come clean with God BEFORE the Holy Spirit would indwell.  They understood that man has the ability to understand and choose the truth, because mankind possesses the free and unhindered ability to Obey God and DO what is Right. They taught that man has the responsibilty to obey God, and that this is a requirement for salvation, as taught in James 2.

It was Augustine that changed this, and began teaching a different gospel, based on his gnostic beliefs. He had been a Manachean Gnostic for 9 years before he converted to Chistitanity, and blended gnostacism with church doctrine. Thus, the doctrine of the delpravity of
man became a part of church doctrine, based on gnostacism. As a result, there are many parts of the Bible that are commonly misunderstood in all of the mainstream Christian denominations today, due to the wrong teaching that is coming from the pulpits.

Many parts of the Bible must be twisted to accomadate the doctrine of the depravity of man. Missionaries are going to other parts of the world and spreading the resulting doctrines world wide. Seminaries are teaching these doctrines to the upcoming pastors. Mainstream professing Christians have a false sense of security in what they believe. They go along with whatever their pastors teach, not studying the Bible on their own, not checking their interpretations. They don't test the spirits, and ignore the warning that many false prophets would go out into the world (1 John 4: 1). Read more.